The Dutch Bros Secret Menu Coffee Drink You’ve Got To Try!

dutch bros secret menu snickers

Do you love trying new Dutch Bros drink? I’m a sucker for a Secret Menu item, because I love trying new coffees. If you’re new to the Secret Menu idea, Dutch Bros is unique in that their baristas are trained on most secret menu items, so you don’t need to know the recipe like you do at Starbucks.

Recently, I drove through my local DB and asked the barista for his favorite blended coffee drink. He didn’t hesitate before saying, “Oh, the Snickers.”

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to hear that – mostly because I’ve never heard of it, but I immediately ordered it and was on my way.

I made sure to stop and take a little video of it before I drank it all, though – and it was delicious.


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What’s in the Dutch Bros Snickers Secret Menu Drink?

dutch bros secret menu snickers

If you are a fan of the Snickers candy bar, you’re going to love this one. It has their chocolate milk base, iced coffee and three syrups: caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut. Plus, you can add whip, soft top and/or drizzles to make it your own. I added whip and didn’t get the drizzles, although a chocolate and caramel drizzle would’ve made this look even more Snickers-y.

What does the Dutch Bros Snickers taste like?

It tastes like a candy bar. It’s so good. The hazelnut adds a little depth to the flavor, so it’s not too sweet. A classic whip topping is delicious with it, but I bet the soft top would be good, too.

Can you customize the Dutch Bros Snickers?

Yes, you can. Here are some options you have:

  • Choice of milk
  • Choice of syrups, including sugar-free for almost all of their syrups
  • Choice of hot, iced or blended
  • Choice of topping, like soft top or whip
  • Choice of drizzle or topping
  • Choice of size

I normally swap out all dairy, but I really wanted to try it with their chocolate milk base, so I ordered it as is.

While you can order this one hot, iced or blended – but I love it blended. If you are a fan of blended coffee drinks like frappuccinos, you need to try this blended.

How to order the Dutch Bros Snickers:

If you have a barista who isn’t familiar with it, you’ll want to come prepared. Ask for a mocha (iced, hot or blended) with caramel, chocolate and hazelnut syrups. Add your toppings of choice, too.

More than likely, though, they’ll know what a Snickers is.

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