Tastes Like Christmas Morning: This Is The Best Chai Drink at Dutch Bros

christmas morning chai dutch bros

I had a revelation yesterday. I was driving through Dutch Bros and thinking – I’d like a chai today. They’re still packed with a little caffeine, thanks to the black tea, and the warming spices are so comforting.

But, even though I’ve tried some chai lattes at Dutch Bros, I’ve never been like – wowed.

So, I asked the broista for his best recommendation for a chai and he said, emphatically, “Trust me, you want to try the Christmas Morning.”

I mean, with an endorsement like that – how could I not? So, a medium iced oat milk Christmas Morning was ordered and I couldn’t wait to try it.

The Dutch Bros Christmas Morning: A Chai Love Story

christmas morning chai dutch bros

First of all, I’ve had a lot of chai drinks over the years. I’ve even compared dirty chais across coffee houses in search of the best. I’ve used Trader Joe’s concentrate at home. I’m in the process of ordering all the chai concentrates that have good reviews to do a round-up. Let’s just say I love my chai, mmkay?

But…this….THIS chai is unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Creamy, sweet, kicky, and delicious, the Christmas Morning tastes like, well, something you’d want to revel in every single day.

You know that feeling on Christmas Morning when for one second everything is perfect and wonderful?

This chai tastes like THAT.

I don’t know how they did it, but as soon as I finished my chai – in record time, no less – I had to find out. So, I did a little digging to find out for you what kind of voodoo magic they put in this thing.

What’s in the Christmas Morning?

christmas morning chai dutch bros

Listen, it’s a strange name for a drink. But, once you try it, and you experience the essence, it makes a lot more sense.

So, what’s actually IN the Christmas morning?

Well, like all chai drinks at Dutch Bros, the Christmas Morning is made with the Oregon Chai tea latte base – an instant powder mix or concentrate, half and half, and white chocolate syrup. The chai tea packets are dissolved with water while the half and half is added later to achieve the creaminess and lighter color. For the iced version, the concentrate is mixed with your milk or choice, the white chocolate syrup and can be topped with whip if you like.

I’m not sure why I never thought of a white chocolate chai, but now that I’ve had one, I can’t stop thinking about… kind of like, Christmas morning 😉

What’s in a Chai Latte?

If you’re new to the chai business, let’s talk about the base of this delectable beverage.

Chai is a combination of black tea and delicious spices, like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and black pepper. Each chai recipe is slightly different, some are spicier than others, so depending on where you pick up your chai, it’ll have slightly different flavors. I find the Starbucks chai tea latte to be a really smooth, cinnamony flavor, while the Peet’s chai is a bit more of a kick in the pants and spicy. Dutch Bros uses the Oregon Chai brand in their chai tea drinks.

If you love the DB chai lattes or dirty chais, you can recreate them at home using the same chai concentrate that they use. Dutch Bros reportedly uses this chai concentrate as the base for their chai drinks. But, to mimic the taste of this drink, you’d also need the white chocolate syrup, too.

How to customize your Christmas Morning:

christmas morning chai dutch bros

Listen, we all celebrate in our own ways, so you can make Christmas Morning your own with a few different swaps:

  • Milk: Choose your milk. Dutch Bros has them all. I think oat milk is the perfect pairing with chai spices and it’s non-dairy, which is my jam. But, if you are cool with dairy, get this with the breve, Dutch Bros blend of half ‘n half and milk for something super creamy.
  • Syrups: Dutch Bros has an expansive collection of syrups, so you can really customize this drink. If you’re keto, read my post on which syrups are keto at DB and also my post on sugar-free syrups at DB. 
  • Temperature: You can get this drink hot, iced or blended. I really like it iced. They always get the ice right at DB.
  • Size: You can get this drink in small, medium, or large. Medium is my go-to at DB.
  • Toppings: Add whip, add soft top, add a dash of cinnamon, or add nothing at all. Personally, I think it’s perfect without anything on top at all – but you do you.

Have some fun with it and find your own perfect Christmas Morning.

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Thanks for reading, friends.

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