5 Best Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors from The DB Experts

best dutch bros rebel flavors

We’ve been quietly testing out over a dozen Rebel flavors and asking Dutch Bro Broistas for their favorite Rebel concoctions in our efforts to find you the very best Rebel flavors.

Some of these are actually on the current Rebel menu, while others were customized Rebels that you can order at any Dutch Bros.

So, if you’re looking for an energy kick without the coffee, especially in the heat of summer when you just can’t fathom adding any milk or cream to your stomach, keep reading, because we’re about to break down the most delicious Rebel flavors you don’t want to miss.


Curious what exactly is in the Dutch Bros Rebel energy drinks? I got you booboo. The Rebel is their own energy drink base that they add their syrups too. You can order a Rebel blend on the menu or create your own Rebel drink using any one of their syrups, regular or sugar-free, and their plain Rebel base.

How Much Caffeine is in the Dutch Bros Rebel?

According to their site, a can of Rebel contains 80mg of caffeine and 116 calories in one 8.4oz can. This puts the caffeine content above a can of Coke, but below a Monster Energy drink.

The good news? If you like a little kick, but don’t need Monster Energy levels of caffeine – you’ll love it. If you’re looking for more – you’ll want to stick with a triple shot espresso to get you through that 24-hour shift.

How To Order the Dutch Bros Rebel:

Like everything at Dutch Bros, you have options. You can order a Rebel just as it appears on the menu or customize with your choice of syrups.

You can also choose between iced and blended. Both are great, but blended gives it a slushie type texture and iced makes it more like an Italian soda. It just depends on what kind of mood you’re in.

You can also add the soft top to Rebels as well. I do not typically add it unless the drink is designed with it, such as the Daydream, but you do you.

The Best Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors Ranked:

5. Shark Bite:

best dutch bros rebel flavors

The Shark Bite is a very cool looking Rebel that has a tart grape taste. The syrup combo is blue raspberry, coconut, lime and pomegranate drizzle.

It’s not too sweet and not too sour. If you like grape flavor, you’ll love this, because the flavors combined create a bit of a grape taste.

I really like this one blended.

4. Ray of Sunshine:

best dutch bros rebel flavors

The name does this justice: it’s a happy drink that tastes great and will likely bring a smile to your face. The syrup combo is blackberry, peach and grapefruit and they play very nicely together. It’s not as sweet as the #1 pick on this list and it’s not as tarte as the #1 pick on this list. It’s a happy medium and very good.

If you’re new to DB Rebels, this is a great entry point Rebel to get you excited about it, too. Delicious blended on a hot summer day.

3. The Aftershock:

best dutch bros rebel flavors

I opted for their popular blend – the Aftershock – which combines strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and lime. It tasted sort of like a grown-up Fanta soda with a slight Italian soda taste. I’m a huge fan of Italian sodas and usually get them with a berry combo, so I really enjoyed this.

You can remove the lime if you want, which will make it a bit sweeter. I think the lime adds a nice edge to it, though, so it’s not too berry soda-ish.

2. Daydream Rebel with Soft Top:

best dutch bros rebel flavors

This is the new Rebel on the menu and it comes with the soft top. I used to never get soft tops on Rebel, because I honestly thought it was a bit weird to put it on a Rebel. If you haven’t had the DB soft top, it’s like a cold foam mixed with marshmallow cream. It’s extremely delicious on any coffee, but you can put it on Rebels, too.

But, in the interest of being open-minded, I decided to order this drink exactly as designed without any modifications so that I could give it an honest review.

The verdict? DELICIOUS. The soft top gives it a bit of a cream soda vibe. But, the mix of elderflower and passionfruit Rebel flavors has a bit of a sour patch kids taste to it. It’s definitely a bit on the tart side and then the creamy, sweet soft top cuts the sour and gives it a sweet note. The two together are a really happy marriage and I definitely recommend getting it exactly as ordered.

1. Peach Pom Passion Mango Blended Rebel:

best dutch bros rebel flavors

This cup of sunshine is made with the Rebel energy drink base and four syrups: Peach, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit and Mango. Or, you can say Peach, Pom, Passion & Mango for short.

It tastes like a trip to Hawaii – like a vacation in a cup – like the perfect juice blend. I like to get mine blended and it tastes like the perfect adult slushie.

I’ve tried a lot of rebel flavors and this is by far my favorite – and also the fave of every person I’ve recommended it to. The only person who may not be as ecstatically happy with this as we are is someone who likes more sour flavors. There are some Rebels that taste like a sour jolly rancher and if that’s your jam, you’ll probably like this, but maybe not love it.

Vampire Slayer & Unicorn Blood: 

dutch bros rebel

I’ve received a lot of requests to try Vampire Slayer and Unicorn Blood and I finally did! Read the whole review of these two popular Rebels in this post here.

Want More Rebel Flavors?

dutch bros rebel

Due to the popularity of this post, I wrote another monster post that currently has 24 different Rebel flavor options for you. Ill keep adding to it as I find more that I love. Check out that post here.


You can (and people do) create your own Rebel drink flavor combining syrups. Or, you can try out some of the other Rebel flavors on the menu, such as Fire Lizard, Gummy Bear, The Vampire Slayer and Unicorn Blood.

Yup, those are real names of real drinks you can actually order at DB.

If you are looking to go keto or sugar-free, check out our detailed post on the incredible selection of sugar-free syrups at DB, as well as the sugar-free, HIGH carb syrups you’ll want to skip if you’re keto.

For tons of inspiration, check out the current Rebel menu here.


Are you new to the Rebel or energy drinks in general? Have no fear.

I’m pretty sensitive to getting jittery and anxious from energy drinks that are too strung, but I didn’t have any issues with the Rebel at all. I think because I drink so much coffee, the caffeine content was similar, so I didn’t have any adverse reactions.

If you want to try it – you could always start with a small or even start with a blended option to soften the effects of the caffeine.

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