21 Best Drinks On The Dutch Bros Menu Worth Waiting In Line For!

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

It took me awhile, but I’m happy to report that I’m officially obsessed with all things Dutch Bros. If you’re used to places like Starbucks and Peet’s, it may take a minute to find your perfect drink at Dutch Bros – and when you do, watch out, because the addiction follows that fast and strong.

For me, I love my little drive to DB where I get to make friendly conversation with the enthusiastic Bro-istas and then float away with a dreamy beverage like the Campout Cold Brew or a fruity Rebel.

So, if you’re still looking for that one drink that’ll make you drive out of your way and sit in a 45 car line, this is the list for you. I am positive that you’ll find your new favorite Dutch Bros drink on this list.

Best Dutch Bros Coffee Drinks:

Most Dutch Bros coffee drinks can be made iced, hot or blended. We drink it cold here at WTF almost year-round, with the exception of a few Peppermint Mochas or Caramel Macchiatos when it’s so cold our fingers feel like they’re going to fall off. So, we’re showing you our drinks iced, but you can order them however you like – and don’t forget that you can customize your milk choice as well.

1. Campout Cold Brew:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

The campout cold brew uses chocolate milk and cold brew coffee as the base. If you like a dairy-free milk, they’ll add chocolate to it. I do think it tastes slightly creamier with their pre-made chocolate milk, but being dairy-free, certain sacrifices must be made and I think it tastes delish with oatmilk, too.

Then, they add their toasted ‘mellow flavor and finish it off with their signature soft top and a chocolate drizzle.  You do have to request the soft top, usually, but it’s well worth it. It’s a delicious concoction that is like a melted marshmallow and cold foam combined into something magical. Get the soft top. Trust.

Read our detailed review of the Campout Cold Brew here.

2. Golden Eagle:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

Vanilla and caramel flavors mixed with caramel drizzle, coffee and milk combine to make this dreamy, creamy drink you’ll want to drink over and over again. If you don’t specify milk, they’ll typically use their breve mix – which is basically like half and half – and gives their coffees their super creamy texture.

This drink also comes with a caramel drizzle. Sometimes, I ask for no drizzle or light drizzle, because depending on the barista, they can get really heavy-handed with that drizzle.

If you really like vanilla and caramel together – then you will absolutely love the Golden Eagle.

Read our detailed review of the Golden Eagle here.

3. Annihilator:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

Oh, you’re in for a treat. This delightful concoction is made with their chocolate macadamia nut syrup – which is like NO OTHER and SO FREAKING GOOD – and mixed with their smooth cold brew coffee and breve milk (which is their in-house mixed half ‘n half – delightful!). You can order it with any type of milk, including oatmilk, and it’ll make it a little less creamy and a bit more coffee-y. Is that a word? It’s a word now!

It has a bit of a chocolatey, slightly nutty flavor, mixed with cream and sweetness. There’s a good coffee kick in there, too, thanks to the Dutch Bros cold brew (of course).

Plus, if you get the soft top, you just take it next level.

Read our detailed review of the Annihilator here.

4. Nitro Cold Brew:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

We had a reader write us and say that they tried a drink we recommended and it was all sugar and milk, barely any coffee. We do try to always be transparent about how the drinks taste and that we do prefer sweeter coffees. However, if you like to taste your coffee, you will love our recent review on the Dutch Bros Nitro Cold Brew. It is SO good, so smooth, has a great foam right out of the can and you can order it canned or have them put it over ice and add a splash or two of heavy cream for a super low carb, low calorie drink that is ALL coffee, no sugar.

We hope this gives you a great option if you are not down for the fluffy drinks.

Read the detailed review of the Dutch Bros Nitro Cold Brew here.

5. Caramelizer:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

This DB classic is a caramel mocha. The Dutch Bros. mochas are made with chocolate milk, which is just friggin brilliant and gives their mochas a smoother, softer flavor that is really consistent. If you’ve ever gotten a mocha at a coffeehouse that was a little too little or too much on the added chocolate – you get my point here.

The caramel mocha also adds caramel for a blend that has a little bit of a Milky Way flavor to it.

6. Vanilla Bean Latte:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

If you like less frou-frou drinks that are a little bit more coffee than sweet, you will love the vanilla bean latte. There is definitely more of a vanilla flavor with this than typical vanilla lattes, which I love – because I am a huge vanilla fan.

I pick this one when I am wanting something more straightforward, super caffeinated, and delicious. This is the best drink on the list for people who like drinks where you can really taste the coffee and are less sweet. Reduce pumps of syrup to make it even more of a coffee taste.

Best Sugar-Free, Keto Friendly Dutch Bros Coffees:

Sometimes, we keto. It’s true. Or, we pretend to go Keto and just go as sugar-free as we can stand. Luckily, DB has the largest selection of sugar-free syrups that we have ever seen at a coffee house.

Also, if you want to learn more about the sugar-free syrups at Dutch Bros – with which ones are actually Keto and which ones are NOT – you’ve got to check out this post.

Here are our favorite sugar-free, keto friendly drinks at DB:

7. Sugar-Free Golden Eagle:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

Looking for a healthier option? You can get a TON of syrups sugar-free at DB, but since I’m partial to the Golden Eagle, I decided to go keto Golden Eagle and it’s good!

This one has the following ingredients in a size small:

  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • 1 oz. Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1 oz. Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup
  • 1 oz. Sugar-Free Caramel Syrup

I will tell you that it has that typical fake sugar aftertaste, which I don’t love, but the flavor profile and texture is much better than other keto coffee drinks I’ve tried.

8. WTF Keto Cold Brew:

Okay, this isn’t officially on the menu, but we have to share our own favorite creation – and bonus points for it not containing any of the high carb, sugar-free syrups!

To order, ask for an iced medium cold brew with 2 pumps sugar-free vanilla syrup, 2 pumps sugar-free chocolate macadamia nut syrup and splash of heavy cream. You’re welcome.

Don’t forget that you can create your own drink, too, from their collection of syrups. Here’s a detailed post with all of their syrup flavors. 

Best Dutch Bros Rebels:

Looking for an energy kick without the coffee? The Rebel is Dutch Bros very own energy drink base that they. mix with their huge assortment of syrups to create their Rebel beverages. There is a bunch of options, but we are sharing our personal favorites here:

9. Aftershock Rebel:

dutch bros rebel

The Aftershock – which combines strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and lime – is my favorite of the Rebel flavors. It tastes sort of like a grown-up Fanta soda with a slight Italian soda vibe. It was good and the energy was subtle without making jittery or anxious like Red Bulls used to in the past.

10. Shark Attack Rebel:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

Shark Attack blends blue raspberry, coconut, lime, and pomegranate drizzle for a delicious Rebel drink that has a little bit of a jolly rancher taste. There’s a tart kick from the lime and the pom drizzle adds some sweetness. Overall, it is really delicious and a bit of a surprise for your taste buds.

11. The Best Dutch Bros Rebel Ever:

best dutch bros rebel flavor

Yup, we said it. This is the best DB Rebel combo ever and it’s not on any menu. We learned about it from a broista when we asked for his rec on the best Rebel – and he’s not kidding – this is DELISH. To order, ask for a Peach, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit and Mango Blended Rebel.

To read more about our favorite Rebel, head to this post.

A note on Rebels:

There are a lot of Rebel flavors and you can make your own. Several of them also include white chocolate syrup, which a lot of people love. Personally, I like to keep more fruity flavors with the energy drink base, but there’s really something for everyone when it comes to the Rebel.

Read our detailed review on everything about the Dutch Bros Rebel here.

Best Dutch Bro Chai Based Drinks:

Tea has caffeine, too, friends, which is why we love a good iced chai or even a dirty chai, which adds that shot of espresso on top. We wrote a whole post on the dirty chai, because it’s so good and even compared the dirty chai at three places: Starbucks, Dutch Bros and Peet’s.

Here are our favorite tea based drinks at Dutch Bros:

12. Dirty Chai:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

The dirty chai we got is a really nice blend of spices, milk and coffee. You can definitely taste the shot of coffee and it does mute the traditionally tasty spices a bit. If you are really excited about the flavors in your chai tea, you may want to order a larger size and add only one shot of espresso, so you can taste them more.

Or, if you always feel the chai tea taste is too strong for you, you will probably love the way the shot of coffee tones it down a little.

You can even order two shots of espresso to up your caffeine. We don’t judge. #getroasted

Read our full review of the Dutch Bros Dirty Chai here.

13. Golden Eagle Chai:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

You may be capturing the magnitude of our love for the Golden Eagle at this point, because we have yet another version of it that you’ve got to try.

Dutch Bros uses a black tea chai base, with their breve, vanilla syrup, caramel sauce and caramel drizzle. Whip optional – but seriously, why wouldn’t you get whip?

14. White Zombie Chai:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

Oh yes, live your best chai life, with a chai base, white chocolate and vanilla, for a drink that tastes a little bit like a spicy white mocha. It’s hard to explain, but it’s delicious.


Best Dutch Bros Iced Tea Drinks:

Dutch Bros has some really great flavored tea drinks that we love for a refreshing drink on a super hot summer day when you can’t fathom putting an ounce of cream or milk in your body.

15. Paris Iced Tea:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

This fruity iced tea is refreshing and delicious, mixing together peach, passionfruit, orange and banana syrups with their iced tea base.

It’s like a virgin Long Island Iced Tea.

Best Dutch Bros Lemonade:

16. Tiger’s Blood:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

Yup, they have lemonade based drinks, too! Just like their Rebels and iced tea drinks, you can make any combination of lemonade and syrups. But, Tiger’s Blood is our favorite, with lemonade, strawberry syrup and coconut. It’s like a really sunny trip to Hawaii in a cup.

Best Dutch Bros Secret Menu Items:

We shared 10 Dutch Bros Secret Menu items in this post and since then, we’ve been trying them all. Some of them are definitely better than others, so here are our favorite not-so-secret menu items at DB.

17. Birthday Cake Frost:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

I’ve started buying this for people on their birthdays and it’s such a fun treat. A really delicious, blended coffee piled high with whip and sprinkles.

18. Orangesicle Frost:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

Did you love orangesicles as a kid? Who didn’t? Now, in the heat of summer – you can drink your favorite summertime treat with this delicious milkshake. So good.

19. The Grasshopper:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

This tastes like those addicting Girl Scout cookies in liquid form. They take their classic mocha base, add mint, whip and double drizzle. It’s similar to the Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks, but a little different. Both are good.

Best Dutch Bros Items for Kids:

You can get something for everyone at Dutch Bros. Don’t forget they give out free lollipops for kids with purchase, too. You can get yourself a coffee and still get free lollipops for the kids and everyone is happy. If you ware getting your kids something to sip, these are the best drinks:

20. Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla Frost:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

DB also serves up some pretty delish milkshakes in three flavors. You can combo them as well, but the kids typically like one flavor at a time. Ask for whip and sprinkles and they’ll give kids these gigantic birthday cake sprinkles that they just love. It’s so fun.

21. Strawberry Smoothie:

best drinks on the dutch bros menu

Less sugar than the milkshake, but they still love it. Get kids this fruity, strawberry smoothie in the kids cup. Add whip and sprinkles and they’ll think it’s a milkshake.

Dutch Bros Tips:

If you’re going to frequent Dutch Bros, don’t forget to download the free app, so you can score lots of points towards free coffees. They have a very generous program that gives you free coffees for your birthday, too.

We wrote a whole review on how to use the DB app here.


There you have it, friends! 21 delicious drinks at Dutch Bros for everyone in the family!

We hope this inspires you to get in line and find something new.

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