Cometeer vs. Jot: Putting Two Concentrated Coffees Head-to-Head (Get Coupon Codes for Both!)

cometeer vs jot

This is a great time to be a coffee lover. More companies are popping up with ultra cool ways to get super fresh coffee shipped right to our doors. But, with each one having their own “spin”, how can we know which one is the best?

Simple: we try them for you and tell you everything you need to know.

If you loved our coffee concentrate showdown, you are going to love this taste test where we put flash frozen Cometeer and ultra concentrated Jot coffee head-to-head and compare them based on: taste, quality, ease of use, price and more. I used their branded glasses for each, which are the same size ounces, and all of the same ingredients in terms of ice and creamer to uncover all of the similarities and differences.

So, if you’ve been seeing these cool coffee options popping up in your Instagram and wanted to know – which one is best – this is the review for you.  Also, know that affiliate links are used below, which means at no cost to you (in fact, you’ll save money), I will receive a commission if you choose to make a purchase through my links. Win win!

What is Cometeer Coffee?

cometeer vs jot

Let’s start with a quick overview of Cometeer coffee. Cometeer takes top-tier beans from the world’s best roasters and grinds and brews them with precision at 10x strength. The coffee is flash frozen at peak flavor and placed in recyclable aluminum capsules.

26 grams of coffee go into each capsule, brewed with a process that’s carefully calibrated to extract as much flavor as possible from the beans. The coffee is frozen at a chilly -321 degrees to lock in its flavor. Then, these perfect iced pucks of coffee stay frozen until they are melted up to 24 hours before drinking.

Cometeer is concentrated and must be mixed with 6-8oz of water or your choice of milk. Do not drink Cometeer straight unless you want to start feeling your hair follicles.

What isJot Ultra Coffee?

cometeer vs jot

Jot is brewed at 20 times the concentration using a process that Jot calls “progressive enrichment. Jot keeps all the flavor, while still offering an incredibly pure, super-strength coffee.

Because Jot is so concentrated, it also has to be mixed with 8oz of water or your choice of milk and you don’t want to down as many of them as you might your regular cup of Joe, unless you want to start seeing things. And, because is so smooth, you may not notice how quickly you can drink them, so count your tablespoons unless you want to be this guy:

coffee meme

Now that we’ve got the introductions out of the way, let’s start keeping score:

Cometeer vs. Jot: Preparation

cometeer vs jot

One of the key differences in these two coffees is how you prepare them. Cometeer is frozen until you thaw it, so you need to factor in that step if you want to drink it cold. If you want to drink it hot, simply pour your hot water over the frozen coffee capsule and it’ll liquify. If you want to drink it cold, you can either leave it in the fridge overnight and use it in the morning or you can run it under hot water until it liquifies, which takes a few minutes.

Jot, on the other hand, is always liquid and is always refrigerated. You keep the small bottles in your fridge – they take up very little real estate – and then you just pour one tablespoon into your cup when it’s time to make a coffee. It’s very easy and quick, especially for cold coffee. You can make Jot hot by adding hot water to it. I have never tried this, though, so if you do – let me know how it goes.

When it comes to preparation, I would say Jot is a little bit easier, because I don’t have to think about it the night before. If I drank my coffee hot, I would probably feel it’s a tie here.

Verdict? For iced coffee drinkers, you may prefer the ease of Jot.

Cometeer vs. Jot: Options

Cometeer sources their beans from the best coffee roasters in the world, like Onyx Coffee Lab, Klatch, Counter Culture and more. You can get a wide variety of blends in each shipment, for lots of variety. For example, I got four different blends in my boxes, with a range of dark, medium and light roasts. The notes for each is clearly written on the box, so I don’t have to do any legwork to figure out which one would go best with a chocolate cream top or a vanilla sweet cream.

In addition, you can choose if you’d like a certain kind of mix in your box, but each box always comes with 4 roasts with 8 capsules each, for a total of 32 coffees. For a great promo code, keep reading.

Jot, on the other hand, has special addition blends that they release in limited quantities and then their standard Original and Dark blends. You can subscribe so that your Jot is sent right to your door each month and this also gives you an advantage when the special blends are released.

Each bottle of Jot prepares up to 14 coffees, so if you receive 2 bottles a month as a subscriber, you’ll have 28 cups of coffee ready to go. To score the WTF and Jot bundle that will save you 25% and let you pick a free gift, keep scrolling!

If you’re looking for a wide range of coffee options, you might prefer Cometeer and the fact that they are sourcing from coffee roasters from all over. That variety can keep things interesting. If you like to always know what you’re getting and know that you’ll love it, the consistency of Jot might be for you.

Verdict? I like variety, so this point goes to Cometeer.

Cometeer vs. Jot: Taste Test

cometeer vs jot

We all know what we came here for. Which one tastes better? This one wasn’t so simple – because I had to try to find a blend from Cometeer with a similar flavor profile as one of the Jot’s I had on hand. Since I love the new Jot Orbit, thanks to the chocolatey notes, I paired it with the Cometeer capsule from Coffee Culture, which also had milk chocolate notes.

I started by defrosting the Cometeer capsule while getting everything set up. Then, I filled both glasses with ice and poured the Cometeer capsule in one and the Jot tablespoon in the other. I wanted to see if one had more coffee than the other and I was really pleasantly surprised to see that the coffee amount was pretty much identical. Awesome!

cometeer vs jot

Then, I filled them up with 8oz of cold water and tried them. My initial response? They both smell amazing, they both have a super fresh taste, but that’s where the similarities end.

Jot was less acidic, with almost no bitter aftertaste and a smoother, quieter flavor. Jot has a similar texture and flavor to a super smooth cold brew.

Cometeer had a more robust flavor and tasted much more like a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

I shared the samples with some other coffee lovers to get a well-rounded response.

Verdict? Those of us that like a smoother, cold brew preferred Jot and those with a preference for a really strong, robust flavored coffee prefered Cometeer. It’s a tie.

Cometeer vs. Jot: Ease of Use/Packaging

Let’s talk about how easy they are. Jot goes in the fridge, while Cometeer takes up a little more space in your freezer. They both create one coffee at a time, so if you’re preparing for multiple people, you’ll need to make separate glasses or figure out how to combine them into one pitcher. Both of them will ship straight to your door on a subscription. Both uses recyclable, sustainable packaging (YES!).

Verdict? You just have to decide if you prefer to keep your coffee in the fridge or the freezer. It’s a TIE.

Cometeer vs. Jot: Quality

cometeer vs jot

I think consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they’re consuming and coffee is no exception. Luckily, both companies are pretty transparent about how they’re sourcing their coffee.

Cometeer makes it very clear which capsules are from which company/roast, so you could easily go online and learn everything you ever wanted to know about it. For example, they are currently collaborating with Onyx, which has some of the strictest standards for coffee quality that I have ever seen.

Jot is also no slacker when it comes to quality. Their coffee is 100% organic. Every bottle of Jot benefits the well-being of the land, those who work it, and their coffee drinkers.

Many of their coffee laborers are also women and Jot is a founding member of the Gender Equity Index, a new measurement tool that sets the bar for equal opportunities for women farmers. They have committed to sourcing at least 40% of their beans from women-owned farms and cooperatives. We LOVE that here at WTF and are happy to get behind this mission 100%!

Verdict? They are both very transparent and source the highest quality coffee available. It’s a TIE.

Cometeer vs. Jot: Price

cometeer vs jot

Coffee is a daily luxury many of us are willing to spend for. But, price is a good consideration when you’re thinking about options.

Let’s break down the price for Cometeer vs. Jot.



Each roast has 8 capsules each and there are 4 roasts per box, for a total of 32 coffee capsules. Right now the box is $64, which is $2 a cup of coffee. You get free shipping and can cancel or pause at anytime.

But, with our promo code for $20 off, this takes your price down to $44, which is around $1.37 a cup.

Check out Cometeer Coffee & Get $20 off here


cometeer vs jot

Jot starts at $24 a bottle, with two choices of original or dark coffee. Each bottle makes 14 8-oz cups of coffee, which brings your price to $1.71 a coffee. Definitely cheaper than your coffeehouse stop.

But, if you use our coupon code for 25% off, you will bring your cost down to $1.20 a cup AND you’ll get a free gift, like this white Fellow coffee tumbler. Woohoo!

Verdict? They are pretty close in price, especially with the various promotions you can take advantage of. Jot is less than 20 cents cheaper per cup for the first shipment. It’s a pretty close call, though, and they are both significantly more affordable than your local coffee drive through and will save you at least 60% from the average price of a medium coffee at a shop.

Check out the Jot & WTF Bundle here

Cometeer & Jot: Recipes

starbucks chocolate cream cold brew copycat

Looking for ways to mix up your new Cometeer and Jot?

Check out these delicious coffee recipes! For any recipe that uses cold brew or iced coffee, just sub out a serving of concentrated coffee plus 6-8oz of milk or water.


So, there you have it! Honestly, they are both super awesome companies that have put incredible thought, care and love into their ultra coffee products.

I have and use both of them, depending on what mood I’m in and love having those options. It would be really difficult for me to pick just one to have around. If you’re on the fence, start with one, try both, see which one works best for you, your lifestyle, your coffee preferences and whether you’d like to stash your concentrated coffee in the fridge or the freezer.

I’d love to know which one is YOUR favorite!

Get roasted,



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