A Cometeer Review & a Cinnamon Oatmilk Latte Recipe (Plus $20 Off!)

cometeer coffee review

Is Cometeer the future of coffee? I had to find out. Their concept of flash frozen coffee from some of the best roasters in the business had peaked my interest. Could this really taste as good as freshly brewed coffee or concentrated coffee like Jot? The only way to know was to give it a go.

As I impatiently waited for my first box of frozen coffee to arrive, I did a little digging in to what Cometeer coffee is and how to use it to make delicious recipes like this cinnamon oatmilk latte.

So, if you’re curious what Cometeer is all about, stay tuned, because I’m about to break it all down for you – and offer you $20 off your own first order (but right now, for Memorial Day weekend, Cometeer is running a promotion for $40 off! Get it!).

What is Cometeer Coffee?

cometeer coffee review
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Cometeer takes top-tier beans from the world’s best roasters and grinds and brews them with precision at 10x strength. The coffee is flash frozen at peak flavor and placed in recyclable aluminum capsules.

26 grams of coffee go into each capsule, brewed with a process that’s carefully calibrated to extract as much flavor as possible from the beans. The coffee is frozen at a chilly -321 degrees to lock in its flavor. Then, these perfect iced pucks of coffee stay frozen until they are melted up to 24 hours before drinking.

How do you make Cometeer Coffee?

cometeer coffee review

Cometeer coffee can be thawed several ways. If you like hot coffee, simply use hot water to thaw the puck. If you prefer iced coffee like me, you can run it under warm water for a few minutes and then it’s ready to be mixed with your choice of water or milk and ice. Also, you can place a capsule in the fridge overnight and it’ll be thawed and ready to use in the morning.

You can use the coffee in the same way you would use any other brewed coffee – in drinks like lattes and iced coffee, as well as desserts like affogato and even in drinks, like espresso martinis.

Just remember that the coffee is concentrated, so it needs to be diluted with 6-8oz. of water or your choice of milk.

Cometeer Coffee Recipe: Cinnamon Oatmilk Latte with Onyx’ Southern Weather blend

cometeer coffee review

It wasn’t even a hard choice of which blend to start with, since I’m a big Onyx fan and have been following them on social media. As soon as I saw the Onyx Souther Weather in the box, it was all green lights and go. Of course, I’m also super excited about some of the other brands they carry, too, such as: Counter Culture, Equator, Bird Rock, Joe Coffee, Klatch, Gget, and more.

But, I had to start somewhere and Onyx was beckoning. So, I opened up the first box of frozen coffee capsules, read the basic instructions that said to run it under warm water and got to work. The instructions said to run it for 10-15 seconds, but it did take a couple of minutes. Not a huge deal, because it gave me time to decide what I wanted to make and get out all my other ingredients. I also made this Instagram Reel to show you in one minute how easy it is to whip up a coffee drink with Cometeer:


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Here’s what you’ll need to make this delicious drink:

That’s it. I was super excited to make my coffee in the new Cometeer and Fellow Products glasses that are so unbelievably perfect for iced coffee drinks.They’re definitely my new favorite.

Assembling Your Drink:

cometeer coffee review

Then, once your capsule is liquified, you’re ready to go.

  1. Fill cup with ice
  2. Add 1-2tbsp of cinnamon syrup
  3. Add up to 6oz of oatmilk to a cold milk frother, another dash of cinnamon syrup, and cold froth.
  4. Add capsule of Onyx coffee to your glass
  5. Pour cold frothed cinnamon milk on top of coffee
  6. Stir, drink and enjoy.

I had to make a new batch of cinnamon syrup and still the whole thing took me 15 minutes and that’s including filming time. Not a bad deal.

More Questions About Cometere:

cometeer coffee review

How does Cometeer taste?

Of course, who cares how convenient or cool it is if it doesn’t taste good. I was really surprised by how fresh it tasted and how flavorful the coffee was. It was very, very good.

I loved the drink I made, too, the flavors played very nicely with one another. The only thing I’d do differently is to put the capsule in the fridge the night before, so I won’t have to run it under warm water. This will make the process lightning fast and just as delicious.

How is Cometeer sustainable?

I love brands that are thinking about the environment. We have been working on making more zero waste swaps and Cometeer makes this really easy. All of their packaging and shipping materials are recyclable. The aluminum capsules are also recyclable. They also completely eliminate waste from beans or ground coffee going stale by freezing it.

How is Cometeer shipped?

cometeer coffee review

I was really curious how they were going to ship the products in a way that kept them frozen, especially in the heat of summer. The frozen capsules are packaged in a box with insulation and dry ice. The dry ice is in a box at the bottom and once the dry ice has evaporated, the entire box is recyclable. All of the capsules were still completely frozen and in excellent condition. It’s actually very cool.

How does Cometeer work?

cometeer coffee review

Cometeer is a pretty new company, so right now you can order your choice of a box of capsules. For example, you can order all light roast blends, all dark roasts, a mixed roast, all decaf roasts, etc. You can’t choose the exact roasts by company, though. Each roast has 8 capsules each and there are 4 roasts per box, for a total of 32 coffee capsules. Right now the box is $64, which is $2 a cup of coffee. You get free shipping and can cancel or pause at anytime.

But, with the $20 off, this takes your price down to $44, which is less than $2 a cup and if you see this during the memorial day sale – you’ll get that box for $40 off – and only pay $24. WOW! Less than a $1 a cup for some of the best coffee you can buy. Amazing.

Try Cometeer coffee here.


Final verdict: is Cometeer worth it? I say – yes! I love the idea of frozen coffee that is kept fresh until I’m ready to drink it. No more throwing out coffee simply because I didn’t drink it in time and no more subpar coffee because it sat on a shelf for too long. I’ll tell you that once we started buying coffee from a local roaster, we realized how different it tastes from coffee that has sat on a shelf in a store for who knows how long. So, I love the idea of coffee flash frozen at its peak and preserved until I am ready to drink it.

Any person that wants the best coffee brewed perfectly whenever they want it, without the mess and fuss, is going to love Cometeer. You’ll also love how convenient it is to get it shipped right to your door. I’m excited to see how Cometeer grows and what new options they add over time. To get $20 off your first order, use this link. 

To read our taste test where we compare Jot and Cometeer – head to this post.

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