How To Make Pour Over Coffee The Easy Way – No Scale Required!

how to make pour over coffee

Making a pour over coffee might look complicated, but it’s so much easier than you think. Sure, super serious baristas might get granular on exactly the right type of grind and weigh it on a scale, but those of us that just want to keep it easy and get coffee in our bodies sooner, you can still enjoy a delicious pour over, too. In fact, truth be told, we don’t even own a scale! #shock #awe

Yup, that’s right, we keep it easy around here. So, that’s why we are sharing some tips on how to do a super easy pour over coffee at home using affordable coffee gear that’ll help you get it right every time.

What You Need for Pour Over Coffee:

how to make pour over coffee

There’s only a few things you need to make pour over coffee at home. The first few you probably already have, such as coffee, water, and your favorite mug. If you’re new to pour over, here’s a complete list:

  • Your favorite coffee beans
  • Coffee grinder – we love this one
  • Coffee mug – so many good ones, but we’re using these in the pictures
  • Pour over device – this one is super affordable and easy to use, this one is fancier and doesn’t require filters
  • Pour over filters – we like these ones.
  • Electric kettle – preferably with a gooseneck for slower pouring or you’ll make a mess. We’re trying out the new Saki Baristan in these pictures.

That’s it. Pretty simple. It’s much more affordable than many other types of coffee that require frothers and/or machines. Plus, it takes up a really small footprint in your space, so if you’re a minimalist or need to maximize your kitchen space – it’s a great option for you.

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How To Make Pour Over Coffee:

how to make pour over coffee

Pour only may look complicated, but it is so easy. Once you get the hang of it, it takes only about 5 minutes, which is less than it takes to brew a whole pot of coffee. You’ll be able to control how strong you want it, as well as only make what you’ll actually drink, for less waste. Pour over coffee also is less acidic, so it’s easier on your stomach.

To make it, follow these easy steps:

  • Grind your beans to a medium-course grind, which is similar to what you’d use for a French Press
  • Set up your pour over and filter on top of your mug – can even put it over a coffee tumbler, too!
  • Fill up your filter about halfway with coffee grounds – more if you want it stronger, less if you want it weaker
  • Use a gooseneck kettle to slowly add water, moving in a slow, circular motion until it’s almost full

how to make pour over coffee

  • Give it time to drain down, then add more water. Wait for it to drain.
  • You will probably only need to add water 2-3 times before it’s full.

how to make pour over coffee

  • Let water drain and then remove the pour over with the filter. Toss filter and grounds, unless you’re using them for something else.
  • Add cream, sugar, syrups to your taste.

See? So easy. So good. You can ice it if you want iced coffee, too. It’s nice and smooth and will mix well with whatever you like in your coffee.

Why You Need a Gooseneck Kettle for Pour Over Coffee:

how to make pour over coffee

While it’s not imperative to have a gooseneck kettle, there are some advantages to having one and it will make it easier to make pour over coffee.

There are a couple of reasons why a gooseneck kettle will help, like:

  • Slower, controlled flow of water
  • Precise heating of the water to the ideal temperature for extracting coffee from coffee grounds
  • The long, narrow neck of a gooseneck kettle allows you to control exactly where you pour the water, so you can evenly saturate the coffee grounds

The Saki Baristan Electric Kettle:

how to make pour over coffee

We were offered the opportunity to try out the new Saki Baristan electric kettle and jumped at the chance. We’ve been using it lately for our pour overs and love how it has similar features to the Fellow Stagg EKG, but in a sleek matte design and more affordable price point. It came beautifully packaged in a really nice box, too, which would make it a great gift for a coffee lover.

how to make pour over coffee

Once opened, there was a great visual aid that showed the different parts of the kettle and plenty of guides on how to get it set up and use it.

how to make pour over coffee

It has a very sleek look and design that fit right in with our home decor. In just a few minutes we had it set up and heating water. The display is actually crisp and easy to read, but it was hard to get a super clear picture of it. To change the reading from celsius to fahrenheit, you just hold down the plus and minus at the same time. Adjusting the water temperature is as easy as touching the up or down arrows until it’s just right. We use a temperature of 212F for our pour over.

how to make pour over coffee

Priced more affordably than its top competitor at $99, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a high quality, well-designed electric kettle that will help you brew that perfect cup of coffee.

Shop the Saki Baristan here.

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Thanks for reading! We hope this guide shows you how easy it is to make pour over coffee at home. If you try it, let us know what you think!

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