All The Best Drinks to Order at Dutch Bros – For Everyone!

best dutch bros drinks

If you’re new to the Dutch Bros fanaticism and wondering – what should I order? This post is for you! Once upon a time, I did not quite understand why people loved Dutch Bros so much. I used to visit family in Oregon, where people are fervent in their love of them, but I was from an area where Starbucks reigned supreme (all hail the green straw)!

I used to take them to Dutch Bros, because that’s what they wanted, but I never really found my own drink – until I moved to an area where there was a Dutch Bros. That’s when I tested a ton of drinks until I found the best iced coffee drink for me – and the best drink for my kids.

So, if you’re looking for advice on what to check out – I’ve got you covered. And, if you’re ordering for a crew – don’t forget to download the app for a free coffee!

1. Best Iced Coffee Drink at Dutch Bros:

best drinks at dutch bros

If you’re looking for iced coffee, then you are my people. Iced coffee is my jam – 24/7/365. I have a few favorites at Dutch Bros and here they are:

If you want to read all about the best iced coffee drinks, go to this popular post.

2. Best Rebel Energy Drinks at Dutch Bros:

best drinks at dutch bros

Don’t like coffee? No problem. If it’s caffeine, you can always get decaf. But, if you don’t like the taste, consider their own line of energy drinks – the Rebel!

I tried a few different flavors and they are all really good. They sort of taste like a grown-up version of Fanta soda. Slightly less sweet, subtle energy kick. You can add any of their syrups to the rebel base or try one of their pre-set flavors.

My favorite combination, by far is: Peach, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, and Mango. Seriously, it tastes like a tropical vacation – DELISH. For all 5 of my favorite Dutch Bros Rebel flavors, read this post here.

I am very sensitive to energy drinks, usually, and these are just enough to feel it (like coffee), but not enough to make you jittery.

3. Best Kid Drinks at Dutch Bros:

best dutch bros drinks

They have quite a few options for kids, but all of mine prefer the kids frost. They come in three flavors – strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Plus, they all come in reusable cups with a lid and a straw – BINGO. Also, you can ask for whip and sprinkles and the rainbow sprinkles are so cute – the kids love them.

best dutch bros drinks

Another fun hack for kids, ask for free lollipops at the window. Most of them have them and will give you one per kid.

best dutch bros drinks

For more tips on what to get the kids at Dutch bros, check out this post.

4. Best Dutch Bros Options for Dogs: Puppuccino

best drinks at dutch bros

Got a furry friend? Me too! They’ll happily give your furry bestie dog treats or even a puppuccino! I wrote a whole post about this sweet treat for your furbaby. Check out the full post here.

My dogs absolutely love getting their puppuccino and I love that it’s usually free. Finally – something is free!

funny coffee shirts

5. Best Caffeine-Free Drinks at Dutch Bros:

Okay, I may not understand why you aren’t drinking caffeine, but I respect it. You do you, booboo!

Here are some highly rated caffeine-free drinks at Dutch Bros:

  • Lemonade
  • Italian sodas – I love an Italian soda – it’s soda water and any syrups of your choice. I always get strawberry!
  • Smoothies
  • Frosts (milkshake) – Like the kids ones, but bigger. These are really good, too.
  • Hot chocolate
  • Decaf of any coffee drink

6. Best Hot Coffee Drinks at Dutch Bros:

It’s over 100 degrees today, so I’m having to reach really deeply inside myself to share this one with you today. I can’t imagine even considering a hot drink at the moment.

But, when it’s cold, rainy and I need a frothy pick-me-up, I like these drinks at Dutch Bros:

  • Hot Golden Eagle

  • Hot Caramelizer

  • Hot Annihilator

  • Hot Chocolate (so good)

  • Hot Cocomo (coconut chocolate)

7. Best Chai Dutch Bros Drink for Tea Drinkers:

dutch bros christmas morning

Oh, I love me a chai tea latte. I will get an iced chai tea with oat milk any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I absolutely love the spices and am pretty picky about where I’ll order.

Dutch Bros uses the Oregon Chai brand of chai tea mix and adds it to some of their popular coffee combos to make it uniquely their own. Here are a few don’t miss chai tea lattes at Dutch Bros:

  • Christmas Morning Chai (white chocolate with cream) – Read the full review of this chai latte in this post. This is seriously THE BEST CHAI DRINK EVER.

  • White Zombie Chai (white chocolate, vanilla)

  • Golden Eagle Chai (caramel, vanilla)

  • Dirty Chai (chai tea latte with a shot of espresso – full review here)

8. Best Sugar-Free Drink from Dutch Bros:

best dutch bros drinks

Dutch Bros has an absolutely enormous collection of sugar-free syrups, too, so if your goal is just to go sugar-free – get anything you want – just specify sugar-free syrups (I recommend the white chocolate macadamia nut mixed with vanilla!).

If you’re going keto, though, check out this post – where I break down what to order and what not to order.

When it comes to going keto, you will want to be careful which syrups you use, because not all the sugar-free syrups are created equal in the carbs department.


Don’t forget to check out their secret menu, too, for even more fun drink ideas. The best part of their secret menu is it’s not so secret! They all know how to make them!

Also, check out this new post with 21 of the best drinks on the Dutch Bros menu!

I hope you found your DB drink. Make sure to share your favorite below.

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