3 Delicious Strawberry Drinks at Starbucks That Are Berry Good!

starbucks strawberry drinks

We’re big fans of strawberry anything over here, so we love that Starbucks has gone all in on the strawberry drinks.

And – we don’t think we’re alone. The Starbucks Pink Drink was once a secret menu only item and then it amassed such a huge social media following, it is now on the regular menu! In fact, we can remember explaining to the barista how to make a Pink Drink before it was added – that’s how long we’ve been drinking it!

So, we thought it was only fair to do a little round up of our favorite strawberry drinks at Starbucks. We can not be held responsible for this post causing you to jump in your car and rush to the nearest Starbucks. You’ve been warned.

The Best Starbucks Strawberry Drinks:

1. The Pink Drink:

starbucks strawberry drinks

Yup, starting out with a bang! Our favorite strawberry drink at Starbucks is the popular Pink Drink! Made with a strawberry acai refresher base, frozen or fresh strawberry slices, and a splash of coconut milk – the Pink Drink is refreshing, light, and delicious.

Plus, she’s pretty! Just look at her shine in our most recent coffee trip:

starbucks strawberry drinks

How much caffeine is in the Starbucks Pink Drink?

In fact, it’s the perfect summer pick-me-up or “I’ve drank too much coffee today and need a break” drink. But, it still packs a little bit of a punch. The tea in the refresher base actually gives you a little jolt with about 2.81mg of caffeine per fluid ounce, so a 16oz size has 45mg. of caffeine.

Not bad!

2. The Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino:

starbucks strawberry drinks

A new addition this summer, the Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino is delightful. It really does transport you to those strawberry funnel cakes from fairs and places like The Boardwalk. If you didn’t binge eat funnel cakes as a child – did you even live?

starbucks strawberry drinks

This frappuccino encapsulates that quintessential summer experience in a cup – with strawberry swirls, graham cracker crumbles and more.

It’s good, friends. It’s real good.

3. Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino:

Was your first Starbucks drink a frappuccino? Us too! Talk about a moment to remember – that first frappuccino is a glorious experience.

The strawberry flavor is so good. It is almost like a milkshake, but a bit lighter and easier on the stomach.

The whip is always a must, because Starbys has the best whip around. And, you can even add shots of espresso to give it a kick.

The strawberry frapp is also kid-friendly without the added coffee – so it’s a great drink to grab for the little loves in your life who are willing to ride along while we feed the caffeine habit.

Are you a fan of the strawberry drinks at Starbucks? We love them. For even more drink ideas, check out our post with the fall drinks at Starbucks or Dutch Bros, as well as our Dirty Chai taste test and the oatmilk latte taste test.

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