9 Best Coffee & Tea Items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

nordstrom anniversary sale coffee

I don’t know if you’re into the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but it’s like the Superbowl for me. This year, my mouth dropped when I saw my favorite electric kettle ever on massive sale. 

So, I decided to round-up the best in coffee and tea items all in one place. If you’re in the market for a killer coffee mug that keeps your coffee hot for hours or an electric kettle that will make you a pour over pro, this is a great chance to grab it at a hefty discount. 

My favorite part of the NAS is that you are buying items that haven’t been released yet at a discount – not old products that are being phased out. 

Let’s check out the best deals! 

Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Coffee & Tea Items: 

nordstrom anniversary sale coffee

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1. Moccamaster KBGV Coffee Brewer in Midnight Blue:

This beautiful coffee brewer is state of the art. The gorgeous blueish green is very on trend, too. You can make a full carafe, half carafe, and even pour a cup of coffee mid-carafe and it’ll automatically stop while you remove the carafe and continue when you replace it. The Moccasmaster is a high-end machine, retailing in the $300 range. 

Price: $259.99 during the sale, $349 after!

2. Stagg EKG Electric Kettle: 

My faaaaaavorite kettle. I wrote a whole post on the features and why it’s the best. Snag one of two NEW colors available in the NAS, black with wood handle and lid and a gorgeous cream with wood handle and lid. 

Price: $140.99 during the sale, $189 after!

3. Ui Mug & Warmer SEt: 

This mug uses a special charger that uses magnetic induction energy to heat up the metallic layering on the bottom of the coffee mug. Comes in a gorgeous gift box perfect for gifting. Three colors: white, terracota and a beautiful bright blue. 

Price: $65.99 during the sale, $88 after!

4. Hydroflask: 

One of the best insulated tumblers. This baby will keep your iced coffee cold for a looooong time! Two gorgeous colors – this blue and a beautiful white. 

Price: $41.90 during the sale, $54.95 after!

5. Fellow Carter Move Mug: 

One of the best coffee tumblers on the market, by the people that know coffee best. The Fellow mug is so comfortable to hold, has a lid that is totally leak proof when sealed and their uniquely designed lip mimics that of a wine glass for ultimate coffee sipping comfort. Two colors – hot pink and a butter yellow white. Read more about my favorite coffee tumblers in this post. 

Price: $23.99 during the sale, $30 after!

6. Nordstrom Coupe Set of 4 Coffee Mugs: 

Can you ever have too many? No, you can’t. I love a classic white porcelain mug and these are good ones. I have mine hanging from a little coffee mug tree on my counter for easy access. People love it. 

Price: $21.90 for four during sale, $28 after!

7. 2-Pack Las Rosas Medium Roast: 

There are several options for coffee beans and this is one of them. You’ll get 2 12-oz bags of coffee for a steal. Considering our local roasters are charging almost $20 for one bag of beans now, this is a BOGO free deal. 

Price: $21.99 during the sale, $31.90 after!

8. Nordstrom Boston Cocktail Shaker: 

Ready to mix up all those shaken espresso drinks? This is a solid choice for your coffee bar. 

Price: $22.90 during the sale, $35 after!

9. Viking Stainless Steel Tea Kettle: 

More of a tea person? This STUNNING tea kettle is going to heat that water fast and pour it fast, too. Comes in a variety of colors, but this black and copper is a showstopper. 

Price: $79.99 during the sale, $99.99 after!

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Are you shopping the sale? I’d love to know what you get!

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