6 Best Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffees We Bet You’ll Love

best dunkin iced coffee drinks

Awhile ago I shared my all-time favorite Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee flavor and I stand by it. However, if that’s not your jam, I have your back – because that is not the only good iced coffee flavor at Dunkin’.

Plus, sometimes it’s fun to mix it up and try new things. Thanks to the more affordable prices and how excited my kids get when they know they get to have a donut, Dunkin’ is an easy spot to drive through for a drink that’ll put a little pep back in my step.

And, with summer upon us, we’re all going to need some smart ways to entertain the kids for an hour and get our caffeine topped off, am I right?

So, today I am sharing my top 6 picks for the best iced coffee and cold brew drinks at Dunkin’, including tips on how to order them, what your customization options are and a lot more.

Let’s start sippin’!

Tips for Ordering at Dunkin’:

Dunkin’ is out of the way for me, so it’s not a place I usually go, especially if I’m on a time crunch. But, once I started making the time to go there, I learned why people are so in love with it.

Some tips if you’re new to ordering there:

  1. They are not as well-versed on coffee drinks as you’ll find at a coffeehouse. You need to know what you want to order.
  2. If you don’t ask for milk or cream in your iced coffee, your drink will be coffee and syrup – that’s it. I like to use what they call “cream”, which seems like a cream mixture. Keep reading to learn more about your customization options.
  3. Their sizes are pretty generous, so I find the small to be close to a Starbucks grande size. And, it’s more affordable, so you can get yourself a coffee and a donut for the kids for less than you would spend at other coffeehouses.
  4. A “swirl” is a flavored syrup with sugar in it. A “flavor shot” is just flavoring, no sweetness. So, if you wanted to add “toasted almond flavoring”, this adds the flavor, like an extract, without any sweetness. You would need to add simple syrup to make it sweet.
  5. The amount of syrups they add automatically per size is on the sweeter side. Don’t add pumps until you’ve tasted it first. I find the amount to be a good fit. If you like things less sweet, you may want to cut it in half.

6 Best Iced Coffee & Cold Brew Drinks at Dunkin’ Donuts:

1. Iced Butter Pecan Swirl:

best dunkin iced coffee drinks

This is one of the best coffees anywhere. If you like butter pecan ice cream, you will love this drink. The butter pecan syrup is kind of like a softer, nuttier caramel/vanilla syrup. The difference is kind of like if you compared Nutella to just plain chocolate, there is that slightly muted, nuttier taste. I am not usually a fan of nuts in anything. If I’m going to eat nuts, it’ll be separate and not mixed in to a cookie or brownie or coffee, so don’t discount this drink if you feel the same.

I recently came up with a delicious copycat of this recipe, so if you want to make it at home, head to that post here.

This recipe is also featured with a vanilla sweet cream cold foam on top in my recipe ebook, which you can check out here.

2. Iced Caramel Swirl:

best dunkin iced coffee drinks

This was another favorite and everyone who tried them with me agreed this was a top pick. If you are a fan of caramel coffees, then this is the drink for you.

The caramel swirl flavoring adds just enough caramel and sweetness to the iced coffee. Add some cream to make it creamy and you’ve got a really delicious coffee drink that you’ll enjoy.

3. Cold Brew with Sweet Cream:

best dunkin iced coffee drinks

Are you a fan of the cold foam everywhere? This is the coffee for you! The cold brew is smooth and refreshing and just sweet enough when mixed with the sweet foam on top. It’s a true foam, not a cream like in the Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. 

For people who really want to taste their coffee, this is going to be your jam. If you like to have a creamier, sweeter coffee, I would recommend adding some syrups to the cold brew as well.

4. Iced Cocoa Mocha:

best dunkin iced coffee drinks

Both the iced mocha and the cocoa mocha are good, so go with whatever is available at your location. The cocoa mocha uses hot chocolate powder in the mix and they sprinkle a little bit on the top with chocolate drizzle, which is fun and different.

I loved how they automatically added the whip and toppings for this one. It made it a very festive drink to sip on while my kid happily enjoyed their donut. I think a mocha is a really safe place to start at any new coffeehouse. Chocolate and coffee go well together and are pretty hard to mess up, too.

5. Iced French Vanilla Swirl:

best dunkin iced coffee drinks

I’m a big fan of vanilla in coffee and have even shared our easy, homemade vanilla simple syrup recipe that you’ll love. So, I was a little surprised that this was not the top of my list and here’s why. The French vanilla syrup they use has a really distinct taste, almost like when you taste vanilla ice cream with a really strong, flavored vanilla flavor vs. a vanilla ice cream that just tastes like vanilla. I think next time I order this, I’ll reduce the pumps in half and that will help a little bit, too.

It’s still a well-balanced coffee drink, though, that vanilla lovers will enjoy.

6. Iced Toasted Almond Coffee:

best dunkin iced coffee drinks

I really wanted to try the flavor shots, which do not add sweetener, especially the toasted almond. I’m a huge fan of baking with almond extract and almond in desserts, so I really thought this was going to be a good pairing and I was right.

The lack of sweetness is a bit surprising at first, because you can taste the flavor and your brain expects the sweetness to be there as well. It’s a really great alternative to sweetened coffees, though. If you’re doing keto or just cutting sugar, I think this is a brilliant idea if you want to feel like you’re drinking a flavored coffee, without the added sugars.

Dunkin’ Coffee Customization Options:

Get ready to make your coffee your own. Dunkin’ has lots of options, but go prepared.

  • Syrups: You have a lot of syrup options at DD, some of them not available anywhere else, such as the butter pecan swirl, which is amazing. There is also cake batter swirl (very sweet), caramel swirl (very good), french vanilla swirl (also good), and mocha swirl (yum).
  • Flavor Shots: You can also mix in their flavor shot options, which include: vanilla, hazelnut, toasted almond, blueberry, raspberry and coconut. 
  • Milk Options: coconut milk, oatmilk, whole milk, skim milk, almond milk, and cream.
  • Hot or iced
  • Size  S, M, or L


I find the syrups to add quite a bit of sweetness, so I wouldn’t recommend adding more unless you really like it super sweet. The small gets two pumps of flavor, the medium gets three, and the large gets four. I find the syrup additions to be done very well for my taste, and I do like things sweeter and creamier. If you like more coffee flavor, I would actually cut the syrups in half.

Be Your Own Barista: 

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Hopefully this inspired you to try a new drink at Dunkin’! If you do, tag us on Instagram so we can see @whatthefrothblog.

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