5 Dutch Bros Drinks for Kids & a FREEBIE!

dutch bros kids
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You know the drill, you’re just trying to get a little break and top off your caffeine levels with a little afternoon drive through your local Dutch Bros – but you’ve got kids in the car and they’re old enough now to know that mommy is getting a treat. So, what do you do?

Starbucks is easy – with their affordable cake pops in a variety of revolving seasonal flavors (and, of course, the three classic flavors on repeat), but what about Dutch Bros? Do you really want to pay for a full size drink?

The answer is no, friends. Here’s why:

  1. They won’t drink it all and you’ll be grimacing as you dump it down the sink.
  2. There are great options for your kids at Dutch Bros and I’m about to break it down for you

What To Get Your Kids at Dutch Bros:

dutch bros kids

First thing you should know is the kids drinks at Dutch Bros come in these awesome reusable cups with straws. They are so cool and they mix up the designs depending on when you go. It can be really fun to see the new artwork and seasonal designs, too. Kids love it.

They used to do a whip and sprinkle top on the very tip of the straw and kids loved it. With recent events, they had to ax that, but they’ll still put it on the drink, under the lid.

The reusable cups have much more solid lids than any other kid’s cup at any coffee shop. Hurrah!

Second, Dutch Bros actually has a totally free hack that I’m going to tell you allll about.

1. Dutch Bros Kids Frost:

dutch bros kids

Dutch Bros has an entire line of kid-sized frothy drinks, similar to a milkshake, in three main flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. But, there’s actually a lot more flavors you can order, such as Ninja Frost (mint and vanilla) and Cotton Candy Frost (blue raspberry and white chocolate). For all of the frost flavor options, go here.

Plus, by request, they’ll add whip and these giant rainbow sprinkles that will seriously, legitimately make your kids delighted. Which means they’re happy for five minutes. Which means mom gets to sip her favorite Dutch Bros iced coffee in peace and quiet. You can’t really put a price tag on that, now can we?

2. Dutch Bros Hot Cocoa:

Is it freezing where you live? Forgo the frost and get a kids hot cocoa. They make it kid temp in the kid cup with whip added. I usually sneak a sip to test the temp and it’s always perfect. They do a really great job. Highly recommend.

3. Dutch Bros Smoothies:

dutch bros kids

If you want to go a little healthier and maybe dairy free, opt for a smoothie made with Torani real fruit smoothie concentrate mix. Strawberry is a popular choice, Wildberry mixes a few different berries and green apple has a great green color kids love. 

For the full list of Dutch Bros smoothie flavors, go here.

4. Dutch Bros Lemonades: 

The list of lemonade flavor options is dizzying. They have so many syrup and lemonade combinations, plus you can create some of your own using any of their syrups. 

The lemonades are a great choice for kids because they come in kid’s sizes, so you don’t even have to order a small, plus they’re all caffeine free. 

If you’re lost on what to order, I wrote a whole post with 18 of the best lemonades on the menu. Or, use this cheat sheet when ordering for your kids. Here are the top 5 flavors for lemonades my kid’s love: 

  • High Dive (no tropical fruit drizzle)
  • Electric Blue Lemonade
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Hawaiian
  • Galaxy Fish

My daughter has recently switched from wanting frosts to lemonades, because she loves all the flavor options. 

5. Dutch Bros Sodas: 

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

If your kid is okay with the bubbles from soda water, the custom sodas at Dutch Bros are delicious and caffeine free. Just make sure you order the Italian soda and not the Rebel, which is the energy soda base they use in a lot of similar drinks. You can order these in kid’s sizes as well, which will make them the perfect size for your little bestie.

For Italian sodas, you can create your drink using any of their syrups and soda water, but here are a few of my favorites that I love to order when I want something refreshing, without dairy or coffee: 

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

  • Creamsicle: Orange and vanilla syrups are a perfect pair and the soft top makes it creamy
  • Unicorn Blood: Strawberry, white chocolate and almond syrups are mixed with soda water
  • OG Gummy Bear: Pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon and grapefruit are mixed with soda water
  • Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Lime with a splash of cream (or not) for a delicious soda that is reminiscent of those Strawberry Fantas we all drank as kids. (Note: there is a lot of sugar in each of these syrups, so this is a high sugar drink)
  • Their favorite flavor + soda water: Order their favorite flavor (orange, strawberry, etc.) with soda water. Simple, lower in sugar and delicious

To see all of the Dutch Bros soda combinations, go here for the full menu.

HOT TIP! Dutch Bros Free Lollipops:

dutch bros kids

And, here we go for the kicker – the free Dutch Bros hack of the year – they have FREE LOLLIPOPS for kids! Thats right! When you’re driving through, ask for the free lollipops in whatever quantity of children you have in the car. Done.

In fact, would you judge me if I told you that sometimes I just get them the free lollipops and myself a coffee and don’t drop money on the frosts? Yup, that happens.


Is your “kid” a furbaby? Don’t fret my pet – you can also get your sweet furry friend a freebie, too. Dutch Bros usually has dog treats AND will make them a free pupuccino – which is whip in a cup – at your request. Sometimes they will offer it and other times they won’t, just depends on how busy they are, but you can always ask.

I have driven through with my pup many times and they absolutely adore her. Of course, my dog is the sweetest dog in all the land. Case in point:

dutch bros kids

Yup, I know. She’s perfect. Don’t hate.

Let’s Wrap This Up:

So, to sum up – you can get your kids a frost, a free lollipop AND get your furry bestie some dog treats at your local Dutch Bros. Seriously amazing.

For more drink recommendations, check out this post with the best Dutch Bros drink for everyone on your list – from the non-coffee drinkers and up.

And, don’t forget to download the FREE Dutch Bros app for a free coffee and lots of extras.

Have you gotten your kids something at Dutch Bros yet? Try it and let me know what you think!

Get roasted friends,




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