9 Nespresso Iced Coffee Recipes To Cool You Off This Summer

nespresso iced coffee recipes
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Ahh, the Nespresso. I can remember when I first got my Nespresso Vertuo machine years ago. It was the most exciting day.

Not only are Nespresso machines like art for your kitchen counter, but they make truly good coffee in a matter of seconds.

And, with a little extra effort, you can get delectable coffeehouse style drinks that make your every day coffee feel luxurious (without the hefty price tag).

Plus, I’m so glad we sprang for the bundle with the milk frother, because that has turned out to be one of my favorite coffee gadgets of all time and I use it to make incredible cold foam infused with flavors, like my homemade vanilla syrup, for coffees that are absolutely delicious.

So, today, I thought it would be fun to share about the new Nespresso iced coffee pods I just ordered and the mouthwatering recipes I’m going to make with them. Also, while I bought my Nespresso and pods with my own money, the following links are affiliate links.

Nespresso Iced Coffee Pods:

nespresso iced coffee recipes
Image courtesy of Nespresso

It’s totally genius that Nespresso decided to come out with a line of iced coffee specific pods. We all know how frustrating it is to make iced coffee only to add some creamer or flavoring and have it taste like watered down bean water. #nothanks

Iced coffee does need to start with a more concentrated base if you’re adding anything to it, even ice, although one hack for the ice – especially if you’re making it at home – is to create coffee ice cubes. Just pour iced coffee into them. Use silicone trays and they pop right out.

I know, I know. #you’rewelcome

Anyway, as soon as I saw the Nespresso iced coffee pods for the Vertuoline machine, I clicked #addtocart.

Come to mama.

9 Nespresso Iced Coffee Recipes:

nespresso iced coffee recipes

Now that we’ve got the Nespresso machine and those sweet, sweet iced coffee pods, it’s time to serve up some delicious iced treats. (If you’re more of a hot coffee drinker, check out this post with 7 hot Nespresso recipes.)

One I try out these recipes, I’m sure I’ll be coming up with a few of my own and I’ll share them with you. In the meantime, let’s feast our eyes on these barista creations that will be sure to cool us all down for summer:

1. Nespresso Vanilla Sweet Cream Iced Coffee:


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Are you as obsessed with the Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew as I am? It’s so easy to make at home and you can use Nespresso iced coffee pods to do it!

Just mix up some heavy cream or half ‘n half with vanilla syrup in a cold milk frother. A sweet barista told me it’s a 50/50 ratio, but I like a little less vanilla in mine. But, make it your own.

Then, brew 1-2 iced coffee pods over ice, add some vanilla syrup to your coffee, too, if you want, and then top with the cream! Delicioso! I wrote up an entire recipe on how I make it – check it out in this post. 

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2. Iced Coffee and Iced Latte:

In these two recipes, she shows how simple it is to just brew and drink your favorite iced coffee. For the latte, she uses the milk frother to create cold foam, pours it in the glass over ice first and then adds coffee. Easy!

You could easily add syrups to add flavor and sweeten. Try a couple tablespoons of our homemade vanilla syrup. 

Or, to add some vanilla cold foam like Starbucks, use the foam part of our iced vanilla latte recipe.

3. Iced Caramel Coffee:

YUMMMM. To be clear, this is more like a frappuccino or coffee milkshake. With two scoops of ice cream, it’s not the healthiest, but it might be the most delicious.

4. 4 Nespresso Iced Coffee Recipes:

I just love the simplicity and sweetness of this video and the coffee recipes. She takes you through four delightful Nespresso recipes:

  • Iced Spanish Latte
  • Vanilla Sweet Cream Americano
  • Iced Cafe Mocha
  • Iced Brown Sugar Cafe Latte

For any of these recipes, you can sub out the iced coffee pod for the Vertuo line or whatever iced coffee you have on hand.

5. Iced Chocolate Coffee:

Another delicious iced coffee recipe using chocolate ice cream. I feel like this is going to be absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try it.

Customizing Nespresso Recipes:

Remember that these recipes are just guides. Use them to craft your own using what you have on hand or what works for you. For example, swap out any milk for oatmilk if you prefer or sugar-free or low carb sweeteners if you’re keto.

Also, if you’re still shopping for the perfect Nespresso machine – check out this post with the 9 best Nespresso machines ranked.


Hope you love these Nespresso recipes! I’ll be back soon with more Nespresso tips and recipes.

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