Is Jot Coffee Worth It? We Tried It & Got You a Discount Code, Too!

jot coffee

We are your coffee guinea pigs here at WTF, so when we saw tons of Instagram ads for an ultra concentrated coffee called Jot, we knew we had to try it.

Bonus points that they were running a promotion where you could get this free Carter move mug from Fellow. We’ve mentioned our deep, enduring love for our Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle before, so this new addition to our collection was just icing on the cake.

We’ll be honest and say that when our Jot box arrived, we were pleasantly surprised. Great packaging, plus beautifully designed recipes and information, made us super excited for our Jot coffee experiment.

We’re going to break down everything about our taste test, as well as answer all your burning questions about Jot. And, great news, if you’re interested to try it, we have a special discount bundle for you below that will get you 25%, plus a free Fellow coffee tumbler AND the Jot tablespoon! These are also affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase through us and use the coupon code, we’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you.

How Is Jot Made?

Jot is actually brewed at 20 times the concentration using a process that Jot calls “progressive enrichment. So, that means Jot is not technically concentrated, since water has not been removed from Jot. This means Jot keeps all the flavor, while still offering an incredibly pure, super-strength coffee.

How Does Jot Source Their Coffee Beans?

If our research on cat poop coffee has taught us anything, it’s that you want to know where your beans are coming (read: definitely not from the intestines of a civet).

We are happy to report that Jot is committed to sustainability in every way and all of their coffee beans are 100% organic. Every bottle of Jot benefits the well-being of the land, those who work it, and their coffee drinkers.

Many of their coffee laborers are also women and Jot is a founding member of the Gender Equity Index, a new measurement tool that sets the bar for equal opportunities for women farmers. They have committed to sourcing at least 40% of their beans from women-owned farms and cooperatives. We LOVE that here at WTF and are happy to get behind this mission 100%!

jot coffee

Do you refrigerate Jot coffee?

How To Make Jot Coffee?

We’d seen the ads online that make Jot super easy to prepare – literally  just adding a tablespoon of the ultra concentrated coffee to milk or water. But, we’re sticklers for accuracy, so we decided to check out the guide, which makes it totally idiot proof to prepare Jot either iced or hot. We’re still in iced coffee season here in the land of eternal sunshine, so even though fall drinks may be popping up everywhere from Starbucks to Dutch Bros, it was clearly going to be iced Jot over here.

So, we looked at the iced coffee recipes and saw a couple different ways to make it – one with milk and the other with water. It made sense to make it three ways (half ‘n half, milk, and water) and do a taste test to compare. After all, how else could we report back to with the best way to make your Jot?


jot coffee

jot coffee

It’s go time! We assembled everything we needed for three cups of Jot:

  • 3 types of liquid, 6oz. each: half ‘n half for a breve Jot, whole milk and water
  • Jot
  • Ice

We followed the instructions and prepared three types of Jot using 6oz of liquid, ice, and one tablespoon of Jot.

jot coffee

For the Jot prepared with water, it stirs in almost immediately. It takes almost no effort to mix and it’s fun to watch.

Then, you can add creamer or whatever you normally like to add to your coffee. I am completely attached to my favorite almond milk creamer. It has much less chemicals and additives than other creamers on the market, plus it’s dairy free and the flavor is AMAZING. I highly, highly recommend it.

I added a little splash, okay two, in my Jot:

jot coffee

Overall, we were all totally pleasantly surprised by Jot – both in ease of preparation and flavor. I think it’s definitely something we would all like to see in the fridge. Bonus points for it being super small and compact – great for someone short on space or that has a packed fridge. You’ll always be able to find some room for Jot.

Jot Discount Code for WTF readers:

If you’re interested in trying out Jot, we are super excited to offer you a special Jot bundle that includes 25% off, a free tablespoon and your choice of a Fellow coffee tumbler! Click here to get this deal!

We hope you are excited to try Jot and can’t wait to hear what you think!



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