10 Best Panera Bread Iced Coffee Drinks & The Unlimited Sip Club

panera iced coffee

I recently shared my iced coffee drink order at Panera Bread and it turns out – there are a lot of Panera fans out there. I get it: their Madagascar Vanilla Cream Cold Brew and fresh cinnamon rolls is one of my favorite little treats. Plus, many of their cafes have lots of comfy seating and free Wifi, making them a great place to work while enjoying a little snack. 

If you’re new to Panera, though, you could be missing out on some of their delicious coffee drinks and the benefits of their Sip Club. 

So, today, I’m going to share the best iced coffee drinks at Panera, ranked – as well as some info on how you can get your daily coffee fix for an unbelievably low price. 

The Panera Unlimited Sip Club: 

panera iced coffee

This might just be the best way to get your daily coffee for the best price. The Panera Unlimited Sip Club is just $10.99 a month (at time of posting) and you can order any of their drinks every two hours – all month long.

Imagine the savings for a moment. If you just got one coffee a day at a coffee house, with a $5 average price (which is probably low these days, most coffees are $6 and up) – you’re spending $150 a month just on coffee. I think for many of us, we’re spending more than that, once you’re adding food and snacks to the tab, as well as the costs of stocking your home coffee bar, too. 

You could essentially swap all of that out for the Panera Sip Club and save hundreds of dollars a month. Here are some of the drinks you can get with the Sip Club: 

  • Iced coffee drinks
  • Hot coffee drinks
  • Charged lemonades
  • Fountain beverages (sodas)

Plus, you can order your drinks on the free Panera app and have them ready for you as soon as you walk in the door. No waiting in line. Score! 

You can use your subscription at ANY participating Panera, but when you sign up, you will need to select a home cafe. And, right now, they’re running a promotion and offering one month FREE. So, you can get a whole month of FREE coffees, teas and lemonades. No kidding. 

To learn more about the Panera Sip Club, including current prices and promotions, click here. 

10 Best Panera Iced Coffee Drinks: 

10. Cold Brew: 

panera iced coffee

Panera has great cold brew and it’s a delicious base to their drinks. I don’t personally drink my coffee black, so I’m putting this in the #10 spot. 

With a little cream and sugar, sure – we’re in business. If you do like your cold brew straight up – then by all means, go for it. Cold brew is smoother and much less acidic than iced coffee. To learn more about the difference between the two, read this post. 

9. Iced Caffe Latte: 

panera iced coffee

A simple drink with coffee and milk. No sugar added, so it’ll be low calorie, low carb, and low sugar. The milk plays well with the esprsso. 

Lattes use espresso shots over ice with milk, so they have a slightly different taste than the cold brew based drinks. 

8. Iced Chai Tea Latte: 

panera iced coffee

Technically a tea latte instead of a coffee based drink, but chai packs a nice caffeine kick thanks to the black tea. You can even add an espresso shot to make a dirty chai. 

To learn more about the caffeine in chai vs. coffee drinks, check out this post here. 

7. Iced Chocolate Latte: 

panera iced coffee

Big fan of mochas? Me too. It’s really difficult to mess up a mocha, so it’s a safe pick for pretty much any coffee house. I usually start with a mocha when I go to a new place. 

This one is good – plenty of chocolate and coffee flavors mixed together, served over ice and topped with whip (if you like it). If you’re looking to make the best iced mocha at home, you have to check out my best mocha recipe ever here.

6. Iced Caramel Latte: 

panera iced coffee

I recently whipped up a caramel latte that was so good – I even impressed myself. There’s an iced caramel latte lover in the house and they went gaga over my twist, where I frothed the milk, coffee and caramel mixture before adding ice. It gave it an almost shaken espresso vibe. 

Anyway, this Panera version is very good. The caramel flavor is on point. They use espresso shots over ice, with milk and caramel syrup. Whipped topping and caramel drizzle is offered if you like it. 

5. Frozen Chocolate Cold Brew:

panera iced coffee

Love a mocha frappuccino? Me too. This Panera version is also very good. Made with their chocolate, cold brew coffee blend, and topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

It’s always interesting to see how flavors in a drink change based on whether you’re drinking it hot, iced or blended. In this case, I think the frozen chocolate cold brew is even better than the iced chocolate latte. 

4. Frozen Caramel Cold Brew:

panera iced coffee

Are you a huge fan of caramel frappuccinos? They are one of the most popular drinks in the whole world. This is Panera’s version and it is delicious. 

I LOVE that they use their cold brew coffee for the base, along with caramel and topped with whipped cream and caramel syrup.

Perfect for hot summer days when you need a little pick-me-up. 

3. Iced Madagascar Vanilla Latte:

panera iced coffee

The same madagascar vanilla syrup that is in my top 1 and 2 choices is in this latte version here. I shared this on my Instagram and this is the one that thousands of you also said you love. The cold brew was out of stock when I went, so I got this one and it is also very good. The only reason it’s not my #1 pick is because I prefer the taste of cold brew over espresso. 

Espresso shots are served over ice with milk and the madgascar vanilla syrup. It’s Panera’s answer to the essential iced vanilla latte drink, but better. 

They finish it off with whipped cream – which I am a big fan of. 

2. Iced Madagascar Vanilla Almond Cold Brew:

panera iced coffee

The Panera dark roast cold brew coffee is mixed with Madagascar vanilla syrup and almondmilk. It has a lightly almond taste, due to the milk, which is what puts this at the number two spot. However, some people prefer that taste or you just have to go dairy free, in which case, it doesn’t matter. You’ll still love this coffee drink. I think the madagascar syrup is one of the best in the biz. 

1. Iced Madagascar Vanilla Cream Cold Brew: 

panera iced coffee

Three ingredients only in this delicious drink that has a very similar vibe to the Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew drink that has taken the coffee world by storm. 

Smooth cold brew is topped with half ‘n half mixed with their madagascar vanilla syrup. Served over ice, it’s refreshing and just sweet enough for people who like sweet coffees, but plenty of coffee punch for those who just want the coffee flavor. 

This drink would hold its own with any popular coffee house drink from Starbucks, Dutch Bros or Peet’s – and if you join the sip club (or just buy it on its own), you’ll spend less. 

Coffee Customization Options at Panera: 

Dairy intolerant? Keto? Let’s talk about what your customization options are at Panera. 

  • Size: In most drinks, you can choose between sizes regular and large. 
  • Amounts: You can customize how many espresso shots, how many pumps of syrups, how much whipped topping and how much drizzle you would like. Or, you can remove any of these things.
  • Milk: You can choose between three milk types: skim milk, whole milk and almond milk
  • Toppings: You can add toppings like cinnamon, cinnamon sugar, caramel drizzle or chocolate drizzle
  • Foam: You can add foam to your drinks. There are no customizations for what type of foam. 

All of these options are available in the app, so you can order, pick up your coffee and hit the road. Pretty cool.

Does Panera have keto-friendly coffees?

Because there are no sugar-free syrup options, you would need to get a cold brew with almond milk and add your own sweetener in order to stay keto. 


Have you ever tried Panera coffee? Would you join the Unlimited Sip Club? I love finding these new ways to stay caffeinated, but save money. 

Get roasted, 



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