Cheers! There’s New Churro-Inspired Peet’s Coffee Drinks To Try!

peet's iced coffee drinks

I love Peet’s Coffee. Their shops always have big, comfy, leather seating, like you’d find in an old library and they smell of freshly roasted coffee, thanks to their assortment of freshly roasted beans.

We feel lucky to live near a Peet’s that has a large open patio right outside, too, with beautiful views of the area. It’s a swanky place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s hard not to feel grateful when I’m sitting there.

Lately, Peet’s has really been killing it with their new menu additions using oatmilk, cinnamon infused syrups and healthier breakfast sandwich options.

If you’ve been around the blog for a minute, you know my deep love for cinnamon-infused coffees – heck, I even make my own cinnamon simple syrup for when I’m mixing up a drink at home.

So, I was super excited when I saw the new menu additions and my cousin and I tried them all just for you.

Okay, who are we kidding, we would’ve tried them all anyway – but we’re definitely going to share it with you.

New Peet’s Coffee Drinks: Churro Inspired

peet's iced coffee drinks

Awhile ago, Peet’s had a Horchata Latte that was seriously delicious. I think you can still ask for it, if they have the horchata sauce ready to go. Make it with oatmilk and it’ll rock your world.

So, when my cousin and I saw the new menu with not one, not two, but THREE new churro-inspired coffee drinks, it didn’t take long for us to grab one of each and sit down for a taste test.

If you’ve been looking for a new Peet’s Coffee drink to try, get ready, because I think we just found it.

Peet’s Coffee: Cold Brew with Sweet Cinnamon Oat Foam

A match made in heaven, Peet’s took the cold brew base and topped it with a cold foam infused with a little sweetness, a little cinnamon and a little oat.

This one is good, especially fi you like to really taste your coffee and you’re a fan of the Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewIt is not as sweet as that one, but very good, and you can ask them to put a couple pumps of sweetener in the cold brew, too, if you’re concerned about the black coffee taste.

For some reason, we didn’t snatch a pic of this one before it was mostly gone, but I definitely recommend it as our number #3 pick and top pick for people who like a strong coffee taste.

Peet’s Coffee: Churro Latte

peet's iced coffee drinks

I was really excited to try this one. It’s a pretty drink, too, thanks to the craft of Peet’s baristas (aren’t they so good?).

This delicious drink has a cinnamon sugar-infused steamed milk, espresso and toasty cinnamon syrup. The combo is delightful, friends. It’s really good. Plus, Peet’s always gets that good foam on those iced drinks, too:

peet's iced coffee drinks

If you’re a fan of Cinnamon Dolce Latte, you will looooooove this one. It almost tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch mixed with coffee.

However, this is our #2 pick, because another drink edged it out of the top spot ….

Peet’s Coffee: Churro Caramel Macchiato

peet's iced coffee drinks

Winnner, winner, chicken dinner! This is SO GOOD. WOW. I was originally planning on grabbing the Churro Latte for myself and leaving my cousin with this one, but after trying all three – we were fighting over this!

The caramel adds just that little extra somethin’ somethin’ to the drink and it’s a threesome that was meant to be together. Caramel. Cinnamon. Coffee. YUM.

This one has cinnamon syrup, buttery caramel, sweet ristretto shots of espresso and cinnamon sugar-infused milk topped with a swirl of rich caramel.

Since it’s release, this has easily become one of my favorite coffee shop drinks ever and I’ve been making quite a few more Peet’s stops since it came out.

New Breakfast: Turkey Bacon & Egg White Sandwich

This breakfast sandwich was unveiled when they released the drinks. I’ve had the chance to savor one of these a couple of times now. It’s hard to get my hands on one, because they tend to sell out long before I step food inside. Our Peet’s gets very busy in the mornings before work, so the rest of us that waltz in mid-day can sometimes get left with less food options.

But, I will say, if you can get one – buy it. You’ll love it. It’s delicious, without being as heavy and greasy as other breakfast sandwiches.

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There’s a few Member Exclusive drinks that have also been released and I need to get in there to try them. If you want to beat me to it, here they are:


If you remember the former Black Tie drink at Peet’s, you’re as excited as I am about this combination.


Adding chocolate? YES PLEASE!

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I’m going to try the member exclusive drinks soon and report back ASAP. Until then….

Get roasted,

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