10 Dutch Bros Secret Menu Drinks I’m Dying To Try!

dutch bros secret menu

I wasn’t always a big fan of Dutch Bros. As a long-time patron of the green straw (read: Starbucks) –  I used to think that Dutch Bros was more hype than good coffee.

That is, until I found their iced Golden Eagle and became completely obsessed. I’ll spare you the tale, since you can read it in this post and find my favorite iced coffee drinks at Dutch Bros., because today we have important business to attend to.

Today, I’m going to break down the Dutch Bros. secret menu options I am dying to try.

Yup, Dutch Bros. has a secret menu, too, and it’s good people. It’s really good.

And, something you’ll find at Dutch Bros. more than any other coffeehouse is their willingness to make said secret menu drinks. In fact, they love it. None of that side eye and low breathing you’ll get at other places when you order something complicated and off menu. The BROistas are all in – even if it’s a secret menu kind of day.

In fact, you can even follow the hashtag #DBSecretMenu to see the newest additions to the secret line-up as soon as they go live.

But First, What’s the Dutch Bros. Secret Menu?

New to this idea? Basically, a secret menu is something you order off menu, using ingredients they have on hand, but in a new way.

Sometimes, secret menu drinks will become so popular, they get added to a menu, such as with the Pink Drink from Starbucks. I can remember having to explain that order step-by-step and now it’s common knowledge at all Starbucks.

How To Order From The Dutch Bros. Secret Menu:

At Dutch Bros., though, they are more in-tune with the secret menu than other places, so ordering should be a breeze. I’ve never ordered a secret menu drink that the broista didn’t know how to make. If you are creating your own drink or copying a drink somebody else made up though, be prepared to share the ingredients so they can recreate it. For all the drinks on this list, I’ve had no issues ordering them with just the name. 

Spoiler alert: I just ordered this Dutch Bros secret menu item (not on this list) and it was SO GOOD.

10 Dutch Bros. Secret Menu Items I’m Dying To Try:

These are the secret menu items that make my mouth water and make me want to jump in my car to wait in line for 45 minutes.

Like, for example, this one:

1. White Coffee Cookie:

dutch bros secret menu

This is my top pick for the most enticing DB Secret Menu items! Mixing the flavors of chocolate chip cookies with my coffee? Yes, please!

2. Birthday Cake Frost:
dutch bros secret menu

I have a rather big birthday coming up and this looks like the most delicious treat! You bet I’ll be first in line for this cake flavored blended coffee!

Update: I’ve tried it and it’s delicious. Very sweet, but good. I’ve even taken it to a friend on their birthday with a gift and it was very festive (and cheaper than a whole cake). 

3. Orangesicle Frost:

dutch bros secret menu

Oh yes, those cream filled orange popsicles were my summer go-to as a kid! This looks like one refreshing summer beverage for those hot days a-coming!

Update: The Orangesicle is DELICIOUS – literally like a creamy orange popsicle. However, my favorite way to order it is as an Orangesicle Soda, either with the Rebel energy drink base or the soda water base they use for Italian sodas. With the soft top on the top, it’s NEXT LEVEL. 

4. Wallaby Freeze:

dutch bros secret menu

DB Chico doing it up RIGHT with the killer branding on this mouth-wateringly delicious secret menu item! Made with caramel, macadamia nut and chocolate – this is one freeze you won’t want to miss!

Update: I’ve ordered this and it is SO GOOD

5. Iced Paris Tea:

dutch bros secret menu

There are days when you just want a refreshing tea instead of something heavy. This Paris Iced Tea to the rescue! With peach, passion fruit, orange and banana – it’s nothing like any tea you’ve had yet.

UPDATE: This iced tea is so good, I would absolutely order it – especially in the heat of summer. 

6. Iced Picture Perfect Trifecta:

dutch bros secret menu

DB Fresno’s secret menu items are fire! This one mixes milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate for a super, duper chocolate trifecta you won’t want to stop drinking!

Update: The Trifecta is my husband’s new favorite drink. He orders it iced, too. 

7. Blended Chai:

dutch bros secret menu

I loooooove horchata chai and this blended chai would taste just like the homemade horchata popsicles I make every summer! Serve me up!

Not a fan of cinnamon, have them make you a blended Christmas Morning – which is our favorite chai latte EVER. Read the review here.

If you want some coffee with your chai – we did a full review on the Dutch Bros Dirty Chai – and it’s good, people. Real good.

8. The Grasshopper:

dutch bros secret menu

Love those Girl Scout mint cookies? Mint and chocolate your jam? This is your coffee. With mint, chocolate milk, whip and delicious drizzle – it’s dessert in a cup!

UPDATE: I got this iced and it’s a new fave. 

9. Marmalade Paris Tea:

dutch bros secret menu

Ready to take your tea game up a notch? The Marmalade Paris Tea combines orange, ruby red grapefruit and strawberry for a unique and refreshing cooler you’ll want all summer.

UPDATE: I’m working on a whole tea post from DB and this one is absolutely ON THE LIST. 

10. White Zombie:

dutch bros secret menu

Get in the spirit, with this White Zombie Breve – with white chocolate and vanilla for a combo that is to die for.

UPDATE: The White Zombie is so good. I get it iced and I share more about it in this post here. 

More Dutch Bros Drinks To Try:


What do you think? Have you ever ordered off the DB Secret Menu? You can follow the hashtag to find out what’s up or come back her for upcoming posts on more secret menu items.

Don’t forget to read our post on the 5 best iced drinks at DB, including a KETO option!

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