39 All-Time Best Dutch Bros Drinks Including Secret Menu Items!

best drinks at dutch bros

I recently searched best Dutch Bros drinks and was surprised by some of the results. It was as if some sites were just rounding up drinks without ever having tried them at all. As avid Dutch Bros drinkers who regularly go and actually order the drinks, I thought it was time to write our own “best of Dutch Bros” post to set the record straight. 

Every one of these drinks we have and will continue to order, not because they look or sound cool (which they also do), but because they really do taste delicious. 

I’ve broken up the list of drinks by type, so you can find the kind of drink you’re looking for today. If you try one of them, make sure to tag me on Instagram at @whatthefrothblog so I can see what you ordered! 

Let’s get started: 

39 Best Dutch Bros Drinks: 

best dutch bros drinks

The drinks are organized into the following sections: 

  • Iced Coffee Drinks (which can all be ordered hot as well)
  • Cold Brew Drinks
  • Secret Menu Drinks
  • Rebels
  • Chai Drinks
  • Caffeine-Free Drinks

At then end, I share more about customization options, including how to go sugar-free/keto at DB. 

Best Dutch Bros Iced Coffee Drinks: 

1. Golden Eagle Breve: 

dutch bros golden eagle

Easily one of the best coffee drinks at any coffee shop right now. This one combines caramel, vanilla, Dutch Bros breve milk, ice and caramel drizzle for a match made in heaven. 

So good, we wrote a whole post about how much we love it. 

2. Annihilator: 

dutch bros annihilator with soft top

I’ve heard from many DB lovers that this is their go-to. Don’t let the name scare you, this one goes down smooth, thanks to the combo of chocolate macadamia nut syrup, smooth cold brew and breve milk. 

To learn more about this drink and why so many people love it, head to this post. 


Best Cold Brew Dutch Bros Drinks:

1. Campout Cold Brew with Soft Top: 

dutch bros campout cold brew

This is like a liquid s’more and the soft top has a bit of a melted marshmallow texture to it. It’s all good things mixed together. Happiness in a cup. 

Campout Cold Brew uses their chocolate milk base, with coffee and their toasted ‘mellow flavor syrup. So, literally – a s’more, people. It’s a s’more. Can you stand it? It’s amazing!

Learn more about the Campout Cold Brew in this detailed post. 

2. Cookie Dough Cold Brew with Soft Top: 

dutch bros cookie dough cold brew

One of the newest drinks at DB and well worth sitting in line for. They use the chocolate chip cookie dough syrup that I immediately bought after trying this, mixed with their house chocolate milk, coffee, ice, and topped with soft top and cookie crumbles. 

If you love cookie dough, get thee to Dutch Bros or read the whole post about this drink. 

3. The Caramelizer Cold Brew: 

dutch bros caramelizer

While I’ve had their Caramelizer before, I’d never had it with their cold brew and as a big fan of Twix and the chocolate/caramel pairing, it sounded like the perfect treat for an overcast day.

The base of the drink is the Dutch Bros cold brew, then it is mixed with their exclusive chocolate milk, caramel sauce and your choice of topping – which should be the soft top, friends. Always get the soft top. 

The flavor is like a well-balanced mocha. It was such a refreshing drink that I decided to write a whole post about it, so if you’re looking for a new drink to try at Dutch Bros – the Caramelizer Cold Brew might be for you.

4. Orange Groove Cold Brew: 

orange groove cold brew

This one had a moment on the new menu and now it’s not advertised anymore, but they can still make it for you. This was my go-to drink for a few months, because the orange is so refreshing without being annoying. It also has black sugar, which doesn’t make a very noticeable impact on the flavor, but plays very nicely with all of the ingredients.

The soft top is a must-have here, because it infuses each sip with some sweetness and creaminess. The soft top at Dutch Bros is a miraculous concoction that tastes like sweet cold foam mixed with marshmallow cream and it sits on top of the coffee without getting runny or blending in too much, which means each sip is just as perfect as the one before.

5. Iced Vanilla Cold Brew with Soft Top:

best dutch bros cold brew drinks

Are you a classic vanilla latte person? Go with what you love and get it cold brew style with a soft top and be your best self.

This drink has the cold brew base with vanilla syrup, ice, and the sweet, sweet soft top. Not overly fussy, packed full of different flavors, and the coffee shines through.

Sometimes you just need a classic to get you through the afternoon slump. This drink is going to be the most similar to the Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew  – which I also have a copycat recipe you can make at home.

6. White Chocolate Mocha Cold Brew:

white chocolate mocha cold brew

The White Chocolate Mocha Cold Brew is a delicious chocolate drink that mixes white and chocolate milk syrups with cold brew coffee. This is a cold brew coffee take on the classic tuxedo drink. I don’t know about you, but the Tuxedo is a long-standing favorite of mine, because the white and milk chocolate pair so nicely together. In the Dutch Bros version, they use their chocolate milk, plus cold brew coffee, and add white chocolate syrup.

I do recommend adding some breve, cream and/or soft top to it to give it a bit more of a creamy texture and bring out the sweetness. In the picture, I did not add breve and I missed it. Without it, it’s very much like a lightly flavored iced coffee. Or, you can get the soft top and that will also give it a bit more creaminess. 

7. Raspberry Kicker Cold Brew: 

raspberry kicker cold brew

Okay, so I heard about this drink from someone at a playground, I’m not even kidding you. We were chatting while the kids played and I had my DB drink (of course). They said their favorite was a Kicker with raspberry syrup.

What? Are you kidding me? Delicious! If you haven’t had the Kicker, it’s the Irish Cream syrup mixed with cold brew and milk. Very good. Definitely the perfect drink for Irish Cream lovers.

But, add raspberry? You’re either going to love it or hate it, friends, but I’m going to guess you might love it. I find it tones down the Irish Cream flavor, which isn’t my personal fave, and both syrups compliment each other nicely. Not sure you’re ready for it? Try adding raspberry syrup to a white mocha first. Baby steps.

Just a heads up, this is not an actual drink on the menu or even the secret menu, but the Kicker is, so just order a cold brew Kicker, add raspberry syrup, with breve. Add soft top for extra sweetness. I added cream to this when I got home and it was much better. Tastes a little bit like the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory.

Best Dutch Bros Secret Menu Drinks: 

1. Blended Snickers: 

dutch bros secret menu snickers

This secret menu drink is so good! You can get it iced or blended and you can also add toppings like soft top and whip for even more sweetness.

If you are a fan of the Snickers candy bar, you’re going to love this one. It has their chocolate milk base, iced coffee and three syrups: caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut. Plus, you can add whip, soft top and/or drizzles to make it your own. I added whip and didn’t get the drizzles, although a chocolate and caramel drizzle would’ve made this look even more Snickers-y.

You can read more about this drink in this post. 

2. White Coffee Cookie:

dutch bros secret menu

This drink mixes the flavors of chocolate chip cookies with coffee. Similar to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cold Brew Yes, please!

3. Birthday Cake Frost:
dutch bros secret menu

I’ve tried this one, too, and it’s delicious. Very sweet, but good. I’ve even taken it to a friend on their birthday with a gift and it was very festive (and cheaper than a whole cake). 

4. Orangesicle Frost:

dutch bros secret menu

Oh yes, those cream filled orange popsicles were my summer go-to as a kid! The Orangesicle is DELICIOUS – literally like a creamy orange popsicle.

However, my favorite way to order it is as an Orangesicle Soda, either with the Rebel energy drink base or the soda water base they use for Italian sodas. With the soft top on the top, it’s NEXT LEVEL. 

5. Wallaby Freeze:

dutch bros secret menu

DB Chico doing it up RIGHT with the killer branding on this mouth-wateringly delicious secret menu item! Made with caramel, macadamia nut and chocolate – this is one freeze you won’t want to miss! I’ve ordered this and it is SO GOOD

6. Iced Paris Tea:

dutch bros secret menu

There are days when you just want a refreshing tea instead of something heavy. This Paris Iced Tea to the rescue! With peach, passion fruit, orange and banana – it’s nothing like any tea you’ve had yet.

This iced tea is so good, I would absolutely order it – especially in the heat of summer. 

7. Iced Picture Perfect Trifecta:

dutch bros secret menu

DB Fresno’s secret menu items are fire! This one mixes milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate for a super, duper chocolate trifecta you won’t want to stop drinking!

The Trifecta is my husband’s new favorite drink. He orders it iced, too. 

8. The Grasshopper:

dutch bros secret menu

Love those Girl Scout mint cookies? Mint and chocolate your jam? This is your coffee. With mint, chocolate milk, whip and delicious drizzle – it’s dessert in a cup!  I get this iced and it’s a fave. 

9. Marmalade Paris Tea:

dutch bros secret menu

Ready to take your tea game up a notch? The Marmalade Paris Tea combines orange, ruby red grapefruit and strawberry for a unique and refreshing cooler you’ll want all summer.

I’m working on a whole tea post from DB and this one is absolutely ON THE LIST. 

Best Dutch Bros Rebels: 

1. Shark Bite:

best dutch bros rebel flavors

The Shark Bite is a very cool looking Rebel that has a tart grape taste. The syrup combo is blue raspberry, coconut, lime and pomegranate drizzle.

It’s not too sweet and not too sour. If you like grape flavor, you’ll love this, because the flavors combined create a bit of a grape taste.

I really like this one blended. It’s not my favorite (keep reading for that one), but it deserves a spot on the list. 

2. Ray of Sunshine:

best dutch bros rebel flavors

The name does this justice: it’s a happy drink that tastes great and will likely bring a smile to your face. The syrup combo is blackberry, peach and grapefruit and they play very nicely together. It’s not as sweet as the #1 pick on this list and it’s not as tarte as the #1 pick on this list. It’s a happy medium and very good.

If you’re new to DB Rebels, this is a great entry point Rebel to get you excited about it, too. Delicious blended on a hot summer day.

3. The Aftershock:

best dutch bros rebel flavors

I opted for their popular blend – the Aftershock – which combines strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and lime. It tasted sort of like a grown-up Fanta soda with a slight Italian soda taste. I’m a huge fan of Italian sodas and usually get them with a berry combo, so I really enjoyed this.

You can remove the lime if you want, which will make it a bit sweeter. I think the lime adds a nice edge to it, though, so it’s not too berry soda-ish.

4. Daydream Rebel with Soft Top:

best dutch bros rebel flavors

This is the new Rebel on the menu and it comes with the soft top. I used to never get soft tops on Rebel, because I honestly thought it was a bit weird to put it on a Rebel. If you haven’t had the DB soft top, it’s like a cold foam mixed with marshmallow cream. It’s extremely delicious on any coffee, but you can put it on Rebels, too.

But, in the interest of being open-minded, I decided to order this drink exactly as designed without any modifications so that I could give it an honest review.

The verdict? DELICIOUS. The soft top gives it a bit of a cream soda vibe. But, the mix of elderflower and passionfruit Rebel flavors has a bit of a sour patch kids taste to it. It’s definitely a bit on the tart side and then the creamy, sweet soft top cuts the sour and gives it a sweet note. The two together are a really happy marriage and I definitely recommend getting it exactly as ordered.

5. Peach Pom Passion Mango Blended Rebel:

best dutch bros rebel flavors

This cup of sunshine is made with the Rebel energy drink base and four syrups: Peach, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit and Mango. Or, you can say Peach, Pom, Passion & Mango for short.

It tastes like a trip to Hawaii – like a vacation in a cup – like the perfect juice blend. I like to get mine blended and it tastes like the perfect adult slushie.

I’ve tried a lot of rebel flavors and this is by far my favorite – and also the fave of every person I’ve recommended it to. The only person who may not be as ecstatically happy with this as we are is someone who likes more sour flavors. There are some Rebels that taste like a sour jolly rancher and if that’s your jam, you’ll probably like this, but maybe not love it.


You can (and people do) create your own Rebel drink flavor combining syrups. Or, you can try out some of the other Rebel flavors on the menu, such as Fire Lizard, Gummy Bear, The Vampire Slayer and Unicorn Blood.

Yup, those are real names of real drinks you can actually order at DB.

If you are looking to go keto or sugar-free, check out our detailed post on the incredible selection of sugar-free syrups at DB, as well as the sugar-free, HIGH carb syrups you’ll want to skip if you’re keto.

For tons of inspiration, check out the current Rebel menu here.

Best Dutch Bros Chai Drinks:

1. Christmas Morning Chai:

dutch bros chai

This is, by far, one of the best chai drinks I’ve ever had. Dutch Bros mixes their chai tea concentrate with white chocolate syrup (genius) and then a splash of their breve milk mixture. The combination is absolutely divine and easily addicting.

So, what’s actually IN the Christmas morning?

Well, like all chai drinks at Dutch Bros, the Christmas Morning is made with the Oregon Chai tea latte base – an instant powder mix or concentrate, half and half, and white chocolate syrup. The chai tea packets are dissolved with water while the half and half is added later to achieve the creaminess and lighter color. For the iced version, the concentrate is mixed with your milk of choice, the white chocolate syrup and can be topped with whip if you like.

I’m not sure why I never thought of a white chocolate chai, but now that I’ve had one, I can’t stop thinking about it, kind of like, Christmas morning 😉

If you don’t want to use their breve milk, you can order a White Chocolate Chai which is another one of their chai drinks made with any milk of your choice.

2. Golden Eagle Chai:

dutch bros chai

The Golden Eagle Breve is one of the best coffee drinks you can get anywhere. I love it so much, I dedicated an entire post to it. The Golden Eagle Chai should also take its place as one of the best chai drinks of all time. I think this one could easily go head-to-head with Christmas Morning Chai as the best chai drink offered at Dutch Bros (or anywhere). My cousin is not a chai fan and she absolutely loves this and regularly orders it when she wants something tea-based.

Just like the Golden Eagle coffee drink, this one has caramel and vanilla syrups, along with caramel drizzle, as well as the chai base. The caramel really plays well with the spices in chai. The pairing is remarkably delicious. If you’re looking for a new chai to try, make it this one.

This is a standard menu item at Dutch, so you shouldn’t have any issues ordering it.

3. Sweater Weather Dirty Chai: 

If you’re new to the dirty chai, it’s the base of a chai latte with a shot or two of espresso. With the Sweater Weather chai, which is on the new fall menu for Dutch Bros, it’s a Christmas morning chai (chai plus white chocolate syrup) and two shots of espresso. Then, it’s topped with the glorious soft top and cinnamon/nutmeg sprinkles. 

To read more about the delicious Sweater Weather, head to this post. 

4. Vanilla Chai:

christmas morning chai dutch bros

I never really thought about adding syrups to my chai lattes, but vanilla actually makes a really great match with the spices. If you feel like some of these other drinks sound like too much for you, this might be the right choice. The vanilla adds a soft sweetness to the chai blend, which tones down the chai just a little, but the chai still shines through. And, because there are less syrups, you’ll also have a slightly lower carb/sugar content from less added syrups.

Dutch Bros also has the most extensive list of sugar-free syrups I’ve ever seen, so you can swap vanilla out for sugar-free vanilla (or swap out any of these chai drinks for sugar-free syrups). Just know that the concentrate is pre-made and cannot be adjusted, so you will still be getting sugar in the mix.

5. White Zombie Chai:

dutch bros chai

This one really surprised me at first. I didn’t know what to expect from the flavors, but I really liked it. The White Zombie Chai has a similar base to the Christmas Morning, with chai and white chocolate syrup, but then it also has vanilla syrup. It’s really sweet and delicious. You can’t taste the chai as much as you can with the Golden Eagle, so it’s perfect for you if you want a tea-based drink, but don’t love the spices of chai.

If you’ve wished for something in between the Christmas Morning and the Golden Eagle Chai – this is the one for you.

To order, just decide on the size, whether you’d like it hot, iced or blended, and which milk you’d like. For me, I order a medium, iced, oat milk White Zombie chai. 

Best Caffeine-Free Dutch Bros Drinks: 

1. Dutch Bros High Dive Lemonade:

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

This drink is so delicious – it’s practically magical. It has a similar taste profile to the best Dutch Bros Rebel of all time. It literally tastes like a cup of sunshine. It’s so good.

They start with pomegranate and peach syrups added to lemonade, then they drizzle a tropical fruit syrup on top that adds a little bit of sweet/sour taste to it. It’s just the most brilliant combination.

And, since it’s just lemonade, syrups and a drizzle, you are looking at a very refreshing, super delicious drink with no caffeine.

2. Dutch Bros Electric Blue Lemonade:

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

I had already ordered my drinks when I saw this cute little blue guy on the menu up ahead and decided to just order it as well to try it out. Now, it’s a staple in my house.

This drink is so good, guys. You gotta try it. The blue raspberry syrups mingle with the lemonade to create the most perfect flavor. It’s less complex than the High Dive, but still very good. Sweet, but a little bit sassy thanks to the lemonade, and perfect for a hot summer day when you don’t want anything creamy or milky.

It’s also perfect for kids. We were in the habit of ordering frosts, but even they don’t want anything milk based when it’s 100 degrees and the flavored lemonades are colorful and perfect for kids, too.

3. Dutch Bros Italian Sodas:

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

I loooove Italian sodas. There’s this adorable little soda truck that parks in a parking lot near us and they serve up customized sodas, as well as a full menu of pre-designed options. I never knew sodas could be so fun, or so tasty, and Italian sodas are the best of both worlds, because you get all the flavor and none of the caffeine.

You can add any syrup combo to them that you want from Dutch Bros huge collection of syrups. I mimicked the flavors in a Rebel I like: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and lime, plus a splash of breve to make it creamy.

The result? A drink I could NOT stop sipping. I’ve also gotten just strawberry and a splash of cream before and it’s like the best strawberry soda you’ve ever had.

4. Dutch Bros Smoothies:


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Did you know that DB has smoothies? They do! Current flavors include peach, strawberry, green apple and mango. One popular combo is mango strawberry for a refreshing smoothie with no caffeine!

5. Dutch Bros Orange Creamsicle Soda:

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

This is one of my new obsessions. Orange and vanilla syrups are added to soda water with 2 parts cream to create a drink that tastes so much like those orange creamsicle popsicles we all loved (and still love) as kids.

The best part is that it doesn’t melt if you don’t eat it fast enough, lol, so you can sip and enjoy. Plus, you can get it blended, to make it like a dreamsicle milkshake. Yum.

6. Dutch Bros French Toast Frost:


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Brown sugar, cinnamon, white chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream are blended together to create a drink that tastes very much like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Delicious.

7. Dutch Bros Ninja Frost:

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

Known someone obsessed with mint chocolate chip ice cream? Is that person you? This is the frost for you! White chocolate and mint syrups are added to the frost base for a creamy, sweet and minty drink you won’t be able to stop drinking.

Frosts are available in all sizes, including kid sizes, which makes them perfect for littles ones or a small-sized treat if you’re watching your sugars/carbs.

8. Dutch Bros Cotton Candy Frost:

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

This one looks so cool, thanks to the blue raspberry syrup added to a white chocolate and vanilla ice cream frost base, for a treat that’ll transport you back to your favorite fair with a big thing of cotton candy.

9. Dutch Bros Strawberry Frost:

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

Strawberry. Vanilla. Classic. Delicious.

You really can never go wrong with strawberry. One of my kids loves this drink and gets it in the kid-sized almost every time we go.

10. Dutch Bros White Chocolate Frost:

White chocolate syrup blended with vanilla ice cream is surprisingly good! It’s a flavor combo that is also used in the White Zombie Chai, which is one of my all-time favorite drinks.

A great choice for someone undecided on what they want, too.

11. Dutch Bros Chocolate Frost:

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

Classic chocolate is always a win. We usually get a kid-sized with the toppings.

12. Dutch Bros Vanilla Bean Frost: 

Simple and delicious – vanilla and white chocolate syrup are blended up with  ice cream into a milkshake and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. So good.

Honestly, though, there are so many potential frost flavors you could explore. Here is a link to the page where you can get tons of inspiration for frosts to try or to inspire your own drink.

13. Dutch Bros Puppuccino:

caffeine free drinks at dutch bros

Okay, to be fair, this one is for the furry friends, but it’s free, they love it, and there’s no caffeine! A pup cup or puppuccino is just whip cream and little dog treats, so unless your pup has dairy allergies, they should be good to go! To read all about the puppuccino – head to this post.

Customization Options at Dutch Bros: 

Dutch Bros makes each drink to order and they are super accommodating to customizations. Here are some of the ways you can make each drink your own:

  • Choice of milk: Dutch Bros has lots of milk options, including oatmilk, soy milk, almond milk, etc. If your drink has chocolate milk in it and you swap the milk, they’ll use your milk of choice and add chocolate to it. I find that this changes the flavors of their chocolate drinks more than the other drinks, because each barista is going to add that chocolate differently. So, if possible, order chocolate based drinks with their chocolate milk.
  • Syrups: Add or take away syrups or ask for sugar-free. Dutch Bros has the largest collection of sugar-free syrups I’ve seen. For more info on the keto and sugar-free options at Dutch Bros, read this post.
  • Toppings: you can add soft top, whip, and/or drizzle (syrup) on top. Go for it. Just remember to factor that in to your nutritional facts if you care about that sort of thing.
  • Size: You have three choices: small, medium and large.
  • Temperature: If using cold brew, you have two options: iced or blended.

Dutch Bros is really exceptional in their willingness to make that coffee just how you like it, so don’t be shy. But, also know that customizations can come at a price. Oatmilk is extra and so is the soft top, etc., so don’t be surprised if those changes add up to an $8.00 coffee drink. Ouch!


I hope this gives you lots of ideas for your next drive through Dutch Bros. They really do have one of the best menus I’ve seen at any coffee house. 

Get roasted, 


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