The Pup Cup: A Starbucks Secret Menu Item for Dogs (AKA Puppuccino)!

starbucks secret menu pup cup

Dogs deserve a sweet treat, too, which is why I love getting my furbabies a Pup Cup, or Puppuccino, when we visit Starbucks.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this free Starbucks secret menu item, keep reading. I’m going to tell you all about the Pup Cup (aka Puppuccino), so you can grab one for your furry bestie.

What is the Pup Cup?

The Pup Cup is Starbuck’s version of the Puppuccino, their one and only treat for furry friends. It is simply an espresso sized cup filled with whip cream and, sometimes, topped with little dog cookies.

You could probably ask for a Puppuccino at any coffee shop, but they may not all be free. Some may charge a small amount for the side of whip cream and other shops may not know what it is.

Which Coffee Shops Serve the Pup Cup?

starbucks secret menu pup cup

I have found that most coffee shops will give you a Pup Cup, aka Puppuccino. If they’re not familiar with the Pup Cup, just let them know you’d like whip cream in their smallest sized cup and that’s it.

For the coffee shops that definitely serve the Puppuccino, here’s a list:

  • Starbucks: Yup, the Pup Cup is the only item on the doggie secret menu and it is free! According to this post, the Pup Cup is one of the most requested secret menu items they have!
  • Dutch Bros: This is the first place where we had our very first Puppuccino. Dutch Bros usually puts little bone shaped dog cookies on top, too, which my dog thinks are delicious!
  • Dunkin’ Donuts: Rumor has it, Dunkin’ is in on the Puppuccino, too.
  • Peet’s Coffee: They’re happy to treat your pet at Peet’s – just as for whipped cream in their smallest size cup.
  • Local Coffee Shops: I find that most local shops are very dog-friendly and happy to offer them a sweet treat or cup of water.

Now, they won’t always be free. Some shops have charged me less than a dollar for my Pup Cup, which is a price I’m willing to pay for my four-legged friends.


starbucks secret menu pup cup

Ordering a Pup CUpo is so simple, you would just say, “I’d like a Pup Cup for my pet, please.” If the barista looks confused, explain that it’s just whip cream in their smallest sized cup.

Most of the time at Starbucks the Pup Cup is free, but there are some that may charge a small amount for the extra whip. Either way, the look on your happy pup’s face will be worth it.

What’s In Starbucks Whipped Cream?

According to baristas, the whip we all know and love is just heavy whipping cream and a touch of their vanilla syrup, which has sweetness to it.

Are Pup Cups Safe for Pets?

starbucks secret menu pup cup

Since the Pup Cup is just two ingredients – whipped cream and a little vanilla simple syrup – it is generally safe for pets in small quantities. A small, espresso sized cup shouldn’t upset their stomach, unless you know that they are sensitive to dairy.

If your dog is prone to allergies or is on a special diet, you may want to refrain from the Pup Cup for now and try giving them just a small amount of whipped cream to test. If they tolerate that well, then they are probably good to go. Not sure? Ask your vet!

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Did this answer your questions on the Pup Cup? Would you get one of these for your pets? Let us know!

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