Starbucks Secret Menu: The TikTok Viral Starbucks Caramel White Mocha Drink

tiktok starbucks drink - iced white mocha

Looking for a new Starbucks drink to try? If you’ve grown bored with their menu, maybe it’s time to mix it up. Whether you’re finding a new drink on the secret menu or creating something yourself, there’s an endless list of options that you can use to craft your new favorite beverage.

I was feeling this way myself yesterday, so I decided to look up trending drinks and saw this iced caramel white mocha that has been going viral on TikTok. When I looked at the ingredients, it looked like it might have a similar drink profile to the Golden Eagle at Dutch Bros, which you might know is one of my favorite drinks of all time, so I hopped in my car, revved the engine and vroomed over to the nearest Starbucks drive through.

What are TikTok Starbucks Drinks?

If you’ve never shopped TikTok for Starbucks inspo, it’s just drinks that people have shared on their TikToks. They’ll share a short video where they show you exactly what’s in the drink, courtesy of the drink stickers that Starbucks puts on the cups.

This makes it super easy to know what to order and was exactly how I knew what to get. For 17 more TikTok inspired Starbucks secret menu drinks, check out this post here.

What’s in the TikTok Starbucks Iced White Mocha Drink?

tiktok starbucks drink - iced white mocha

This drink uses the iced white mocha as the base, which is 2% milk, white chocolate and espresso.

Then, they add the vanilla sweet cream cold foam on top, instead of the whip cream, which has a thicker, velvetty texture. This is also used on other popular drinks on the iced coffee menu

Finally, they line the cup with caramel drizzle and pour some on top, similarly to a caramel frappuccino or the caramel macchiato.

How To Order the TikTok Starbucks Iced White Mocha:

tiktok starbucks drink - iced white mocha

There are a few customizations and swaps to this version of the iced white mocha, such as:

  • Adding vanilla sweet cream foam instead of whip. This has a bit more of a soft top texture, if you’re a DB fan.
  • Adding caramel drizzle to the sides of the cup and top, which blends in with the beverage for a bit more of a caramel flavor.
  • Switching out oatmilk for the 2% milk traditionally used – because I stay low dairy.

So, if you’re looking to order this drink for yourself, it would go something like this:

Can I get a grande iced white mocha with oatmilk, vanilla sweet cream cold foam on top instead of whip, and extra caramel drizzle?

How much does it cost?

That should do it, but be warned – there is a surcharge for some of these swaps. For me, this drink totaled $8.00 even. Yup, that’s right. $8.00 for one drink. Update: a reader shared that it cost them $9.20 for the drink in 2024 – but that may have been for a venti. Ouch! 

You’ll pay extra for the oatmilk, the extra caramel and the addition of vanilla sweet cream cold foam. Save money by making this at home. I created a copycat recipe that is so good – it’s almost better. Find it here.

What does the TikTok Starbucks Iced White Mocha Taste Like?

tiktok starbucks drink - iced white mocha

I found that the caramel sauce and sweet cream give the white mocha a creamier texture than it typically has, plus the caramel blurs out some of the coffee taste and mutes the white mocha a tad, so what you get is a caramelly, vanilla coffee drink.

It really is pretty similar to the Golden Eagle at Dutch Bros if you get the soft top.

I do not usually order iced white mochas, but I liked this concoction better, so I might order this again in the future when I really need a sweet treat.

Final Thoughts on the TikTok Starbucks Iced White Mocha:

tiktok starbucks drink - iced white mocha

My first impression of this drink was that it is really pretty. The barista did a beautiful job crafting it and it was almost screaming to have its picture taken (which, of course, I obliged). I almost didn’t want to drink it, but it also looked delicious.

I really love trying new drinks and was glad that this one did not disappoint, especially with the added cost. I think this would be such a fun drink to get on a special occasion or even to use that free birthday drink on.

But, $8.00 adds up quick, so this won’t be a regular order for me. I do have some creative ways to get free Starbucks. If you’re not already using the Starbucks app, download it asap, so you can get that free drink and also earn points towards more free things. And, check out my post on ways to earn free Starbucks for even more tips.

Also, make this yourself at home with just a few ingredients. I teach you how in this post here.

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I hope you found your new favorite drink today! Have one we should try? Let us know in the comments below.

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