The Dutch Bros Rebel: An Energy Kick Without the Coffee

dutch bros rebel

Looking for a little afternoon jolt without the heaviness, calories or taste of a coffee drink? If you haven’t tried energy drinks lately, it might be high time to get in line at your nearest Dutch Bros and try them again!

It’s been so long since I’ve had an energy drink that I can’t even remember the last time, but when I learned that Dutch Bros has their own line of energy drinks called Rebels, I knew it was time to reconsider.

I headed to my nearest DB, sat behind 20 other cars and anxiously awaited my opportunity to try one of their infamous house energy drinks.

What’s In The Rebel at Dutch Bros?

Curious what exactly is in the Dutch Bros Rebel energy drinks? I got you booboo. The Rebel is their own line of energy drinks that comes in a variety of flavors and you can also create your own Rebel drink using any one of their syrups, regular or sugar-free, and their plain Rebel base.

I opted for their popular blend – the Aftershock – which combines strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and lime. It tasted sort of like a grown-up Fanta soda with a slight Italian soda vibe. It was good and the energy was subtle without  making jittery or anxious like Red Bulls used to in the past.

According to their site, a can of Rebel contains 80mg of caffeine and 116 calories in one 8.4oz can. This puts the caffeine content above a can of Coke, but below a Monster Energy drink.

The good news? If you like a little kick, but don’t need Monster Energy levels of caffeine – you’ll love it. If you’re looking for more – you’ll want to stick with a triple shot espresso to get you through that 24-hour shift.

Rebel Energy Drink Flavors:

Like mentioned before, you can (and people do) create their own Rebel drinks. If you’re looking for an easier option, you can choose from their popular Rebel concoctions, including:

dutch bros rebel

But, it doesn’t stop there. You can go right here to the DB page to see a looong list of other options, including Fire Lizard, Gummy Bear, The Vampire Slayer and Unicorn Blood.

Yup, those are real names of real drinks you can actually order at DB.

How Is The Rebel?

I’m pretty sensitive to getting jittery and anxious from energy drinks that are too strung, but I didn’t have any issues with the Rebel at all. I think because I drink so much coffee, the caffeine content was similar, so I didn’t have any adverse reactions.

If you want to try it – you could always start with a small or even start with a blended option to soften the effects of the caffeine.


What do you think? Would you try the Dutch Bros energy drink? You might love it!

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Hope this gives you some inspiration for the next time you want a little kick without the coffee.

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