Dutch Bros Vampire Slayer Rebel and Unicorn Blood Rebel Review

dutch bros rebel

Looking for a new Dutch Bros Rebel to try? While I still have my favorite go-to Rebel flavors, I also like mixing it up. So, when I saw the Vampire Slayer Rebel and Unicorn Blood Rebel advertised as drinks for the fall/Halloween season, I was excited to give them a try!

I shared them with my two resident drink tasters as well, so we could get well-rounded opinion on how these Rebels stacked up against the ones on our top list

Let’s take a look at both of them!

Dutch Bros Unicorn Blood Rebel: 

dutch bros rebel

A memorable name for sure and I’m not totally sure it fits the way the drink tastes, either. The Unicorn Blood Rebel is made with the Dutch Bros Rebel energy drink (a flavorless energy drink base) and then strawberry and almond syrups are added, as well as white chocolate sauce. I did not add soft top or whipped cream, which you definitely can do, because I wanted to get a good sense for the flavor without the added sweeteners. 

dutch bros rebel

My opinions? It has a tropical fruit flavor to it. One taster described it as a “liquid Starburst”. My personal favorite syrup to use in sodas and Rebels is strawberry, but the almond and white chocolate tone down the flavor of it and soften it in a way that is really nice. I don’t think it’ll make my list of top 5 Rebels, but I would drink it again. 

Of course, the energy boost you get could be from the sugar as much as the drink itself, because a medium packs 56 g of sugar and a large has 90g!

Dutch Bros Vampire Slayer Rebel: 

dutch bros rebel

Cool name for a colorful drink. The Vampire Slayer is a deep red concoction that starts with the flavorless Rebel energy drink base and then they add strawberry and pomegranate syrups. I love just straight strawberry syrups (can you guess that I also loved strawberry Fanta sodas as a kid?), so I gravitated towards this one over the Unicorn Blood. I also liked how the pomegranate syrup toned down the strawberry, but still added that fruity flavor.

dutch bros rebel

My favorite Rebel drinks do have pomegranate syrup in it, so I’m a fan of the pom and like how it plays with the slight taste of the Rebel energy drink. 

A medium Vampire Slayer does boast 101g of sugar, so you might be slaying your daily sugar intake as well when you order this one. 

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You can (and people do) create your own Rebel drink flavor combining syrups. Or, you can try out some of the other Rebel flavors on the menu, such as Fire Lizard, Gummy Bear, and more.

Yup, those are real names of real drinks you can actually order at DB.

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Are you new to the Rebel or energy drinks in general? Have no fear.

I’m pretty sensitive to getting jittery and anxious from energy drinks that are too strong, but I didn’t have any issues with the Rebel at all. I think because I drink so much coffee, the caffeine content was similar, so I didn’t have any adverse reactions.

If you want to try it – you could always start with a small or even a kid’s size cup to see how you react to it. 


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